In other words, you may create images for your clients and customers, but you may not run an image-encoding service. Are any special setup steps needed to run the Zoomify Converter on Windows Vista? Web developers desiring to modify make deep changes to Viewer functionality or integrate zoom-and-pan into their own web projects will prefer Zoomify Pro. While it is currently true that as much as half of Zoomify’s use is by customers outside the United States, these customers are spread across an enormous array of nations and languages. Additional exceptions include certain countries currently barred from trade per government regulations.

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What paid support options are available to Zoomify customers? Have questions about Zoomify products? How do I buy Zoomify products? They are intended to discourage and reduce unauthorized use and redistribution by requiring intentional unauthorized steps to undertake unauthorized uses. Additional Annotation Feature Notes: Zoomify delivers the most efficient, compelling solutions and works closely with key zoomify flash partners to ensure maximum compatibility with your content, tools, and workflow.

Never to have any of their content flsh the web would also imply never selling posters which can be photocopied or scanned zoomify flash easily. If available, please include your order number and date of purchase.

Zoomify – Flash vs HTML5

How much you are able to zoom in depends on the size of the source zoomify flash as compared to the size of the intended display area. The parameters are created during editing using the Flash-based Annotation Viewer to track the editor and time of the last modification to an annotation. Decompilation, disassembly, or reverse engineering of Zoomkfy provided without source code is prohibited.


Zoomify Enterprise customers currently receive one year of priority phone and email support as well as one year of free product maintenance full integer version upgrades in addition to interim point-release updates. Who are Zoomify’s partners? These behaviours are a result of the nature of the viewing options: However, when enabled for image lfash, annotation viewing, or file saving the Zoomify Viewer is subject to additional restrictions see below.

At Zoomify our resources are completely focused on delivering innovative, high-quality zoomify flash software. Zoomify enables web designers and developers as well as museum curators, medical researchers, defense analysts, and others to publish high-quality images for fast, intuitive viewing on the web as well as on CDs and DVDs.

Size zoomify flash pixels, default is flqsh, useful max is thumbnail height. Zoomify HTML5 standard version, common use: While Zoomify is not presented as an image security technology, it does offer the benefit of making acquisition of images from a site much more difficult.

Exact calculations of the maximum supported file size are difficult due to the many factors involved. The Zoomify Viewer enabled with these features is therefore licensed per server. Please note that free online translation services available via Google and other web sites, though sometimes problematic for translation of conversations on various everyday topics, has proven very helpful to many of our customers for translating technical messages which are generally of more limited scope in terms of the complexity of the vocabulary and grammar involved.


Useful special characters include those listed below: Note that Zoomify Enterprise is licensed differently – per server – as is common with Enterprise software programs. Zoomify works by dicing an image into many pieces or ’tiles’ – as in a mosaic. Accordingly, the Zoomify License Agreement provides the greatest possible flexibility for Zoomify’s customers. Witness the new Zoomify Export option built directly zoomify flash Adobe Photoshop.

This zoom-and-pan solution is completely standard zoomify flash terms of web server hosting, caching, and other publishing considerations.

We recognize the value of such a resource and hope to provide one in the near future. This makes it much quicker to load the section of the image that the user wants to look at. The first is how much you are able zoomify flash zoom in, the second is what you end up looking at.

Zoomify – Flash vs HTML5 – MSDLT Blog

This approach results in the transfer of a comparable amount of data but only a single file transfer. Zoomify’s zoom-and-pan viewing offers tremendous value to diverse applications. Is Zoomify support available in languages other than English? Unique identifier for hotspot integer recommended. Simply fax your purchase zoomify flash flasn us at