If one is interested in assembling interesting morphing timbres, you can easily lose many productive hours with the Wave Sampler. Among the features it encompasses it is possible to find a sample player, a wave sequencer, a 3x oscillator, a drawable oscillator, a super OSc and an audio looper. New in Wusik Station 9. The Voice of Renaissance and Cantus: We hope you’ll enjoy reading what you find here and visit this site on a regular basis. A Stone’s Throw from the Line Status:

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In this patch, I have 5 layers, each with a different kind of synthesis or sampling, and all controlled by the same Wusikstation channel.

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The only difference in operation between the versions was wusikstation slightly easier access to the complete screens of the interface in AudioMulch. Mode I is like an arpeggiator, switching between the samples in a number of wusikstation orders. Windows and MAC possibly Linux too, later this year. Book Reviews — Pioneers of Electronic Music: Haven’t received registration validation E-mail?

Wusik Station v9 music software is out with ample updates, affordable price –

Sample files this includes both single wusikstation and multi-samples can also then be granulated, or Frequency Modulated or Amplitude Modulated. Sometime around version 7 or 8 however, the TUN facility broke down. To be fair, that was mainly because it’s better-suited to certain electronic genres that are far removed from my own preferences.


The Super Wusikstation gives either a sawtooth or a square waveform, and will give up to 32 unison voices, which can then be detuned over a fairly wusikstation range.

Wusik Station v9 music software is out with ample updates, affordable price

We hope you’ll enjoy reading what you find here and visit this site on a regular basis. However, some really really nice mellotron files, hybrids. Oct 16th, Shareware. Seems marketed more as a rompler than a synth. Intel wusikstation K 4. Wusik Station works in layers — you wusikstation have as many layers as you can handle — 64 seems to be an upper limit, but I doubt that wusikstation would use that many layers, except perhaps with the more extreme applications of the Wave Sampler.

Glyn Barnes Max Output Level: Be sure to wusikstation out the videos showcasing the current full functional version: You can, of course, make your own sample programs, and save them as sfz or WusikSound files. I had an earlier version 6, I think.

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In the right-hand panel of this screenshot, you can see the TUN file directory, with my custom set of tunings based on additive sequences selected. To get you started wusikstation complete set of classic mda VST effects are included. The 3 Osc and Super Osc units are both very straightforward — the 3 Osc has three virtual wusikstation oscillators with the usual assortment of waveforms, tuning controls, Pulse Wusikstation modulator and Pitch Envelope controls as well.


But in recent years things have improved significantly and Version 9 of the plugin is now available, and a major upgrade it is, too. Harmony for Computer Wusikstation Book Review: For 25 dollars, this is definitely worth the investment if you want another rompler.

All else is in doubt, so this is the truth I wusikstation to. What Happens After the Dot? Thousand Oaks, CA Status: I mentioned TUN files earlier. Essentials Only Full Version.

The Master control also includes a limiter, which you can also turn off, and overall controls wusikstation the whole unit. Punch by Rob Papen Review: Saw that they include maybe some limited library from EVE. Each of these slots can have a chain of multiple effects in them, and you can set the wusikstation of each layer that feeds into the effects. Wusikstation you can add multiple preset-layers and on each you can load a full preset.

The Layers page also has an amplitude envelope for that layer and a filter, which can be one of many different types including four quite gorgeously nasty Waveshapers!