Another strong point are the superb lyrics! A lot of times, the dark and epic sounds remind me of the early “Pinball” games for my computer that played in haunted mansions. After this orgasm-producer, the song fades beautifully and leaves the listener to want more. The next two songs are, however, the ones that aren’t perfect. Throughout most of it, it’s difficult to tell that there’s actually any folk influence, though there are accordians on “Hunting Pirates”, and a handful of folk melodies here and there. Radagast , March 30th, Written based on this version:

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Turisas – Stand Up And Fight Lyrics

Jethro Tull’s “Broadsword” is a natural in the hands of Stad, and had it not already been written decades ago, would probably feel like one of the band’s own original compositions. Flashy, triumphant symphonics give the album a strongly cinematic feel of adventure and glory. The most notable difference is the overall feel of the music.

But most of the songs are at best pointless, and at worst cringe-inducing awful. The song has a lot of atmosphere and is surely interesting to get discovered. The epic feel is the same as the first album although again, more polished and there are no big changes instrumentally although the orchestrations fignt FEEL more grandstand up and fight turisas everything seems to be completely different and that’s because these Finns have something they didn’t have back in or even in So as long as the curve is upwards and we can do exactly what we want, I’m happy!

The track sounds a lot like the first track of that album, clearly a deliberate reference to set the stage. Turisas – The unfortunate answer is no.

Stand Up and Fight (album) – Wikipedia

It’s the perfect alternative if you can’t decide between a symphonic metal record and a classical movie soundtrack and as I like both genre I give this album a quite good rating. Fight for a better day On the contrary, it has become one of sgand favourite albums of all time. So if you’ve ever found yourself smitten with the sounds of Equilibrium, Thyrfing, Bal-Sagoth and Manowar, then the Finns are a natural curiosity.


I’ve come to enjoy fignt sound, if only stand up and fight turisas of that rare place it takes me, to realms of nearly Romanticized majesty and manliness that simply do not exist in the current spectrum of humanity. Great song but, alongside Fear the Fear, one of the two slightly flawed tracks here. Olli’s electric violin is another trademark of Turisas and once again it creates blissful abd that lift my heart somewhere near my throat.

Some of the songs are really powerful and started to grow on me.

The song starts with a tasty, groovy guitar-riff and continues with progressive touches, evolving into a journey through the most fascinating story on Stand Up and Fight.

I would say the opposite.

While the first record was a collection of fantastic tracks, The Varangian Way was a flow-blown concept record of the best kind. And that’s not the only time they try to fit square lyrics into a round hole on the album.

Musically it’s quite close to something you might find on an Alestorm-album but transferred to fit Turisas’ style. The drums thankfully are not buried in the mix and we can clearly hear them pounding with power providing the needed rhythm for the music, alongside the bass. Among the highlights in this song are the breathtaking choir vocal-melodies of the chorus. We have common foes, after all.

The second track, “Take The Day! This song is very much representative for the entire album. I do have to throw in a special comment about the amazing orchestrations and the beautiful production on this album.


The drumming is good, again nothing outstanding but just what the music needs and the bass playing is nice although most of the time it just follows the guitar. The production is of course very neat and clear, allowing all the instruments to be heard. It nominally continues the story of The Varangian Way, but a lot stand up and fight turisas its themes are much more general, even modern.

Then comes “The Great Escape”. There are many changes and a lot to discover in this single song but the whole structure is kept ffight by an amazing and catchy chorus that mixes epic chorals that remind me of “Queen” with energizing death metal growls and those two extreme styles fit surprisingly well together. When I was introduced to Turisas turisass few years ago, my first thoughts were “holy crap, this is epic, but it has the potential to be so much more”.

Turisas – Stand Up and Fight – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

As much as I love the original Supernaut and Broadsword, I’m a big enough fan of Turisas to claim that they’ve surpassed Black Sabbath and Jethro Tull and created something truly memorable in their own class.

Besides the symphonic side and folk-elements, the music is characterized by some progressive features, a slight 80’s AOR-vibe and power metal-esque feeling. The instrumentation is really solid, the guitar provides amazing melodies that make you want to hum along while the keyboards and the violin accompany them creating sweet dual melodies.