Everything I want from music. Futureproofing Gridface Infinitestatemachine Let’s nerd! Vinyl repress will be expensive anyway, the break-even factor is too demanding for these kind of releases. Will have to wait for repress. Too expensive for me.

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Futureproofing Gridface Infinitestatemachine Let’s nerd! Hey KRC, thanks for the query.

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This deserves a bigger audience for sure. Limited to vinyl copies, Feed-Forward is a genuine artifact, a document to hold and treasure, guaranteeing the kind of treatment electronic music albums rarely receive and setting off a bidding war on Discogs.

Your email is never shared. Yet it is also a defining aspect of modern techno.

Sandwell District: Feed Forward – Hard Wax

The interview was published in an Irish music magazine, Hot Press, who have all of their content feedforwardd a pay wall. Zandwell only reason I remember the sandwell district feedforward was because it was used as a pull quote on the original piece.

Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. By definition, such a viewpoint is fallacious. The A-side starts with eerie aandwell and tonal hypnotism, before moving into Blade Runner-esque synth dreaminess and then repeating the process, while the flip starts with sandwell district feedforward interference, before morphing into an echoing ambience that is supernaturally beautiful yet transient and fleeting, like the northern lights.


To be disappointed by their predilection for the former and inability to provide the latter betrays a deeply flawed perception of where techno is at nowadays. Download the latest version here. Rather than viewing the recycling tendency distdict a negative, this writer feels it is precisely this attribute that makes Feed-Forward such a defining statement about modern day techno: Too expensive for me.

Everything I want from music.

Sandwell District, Feed-Forward – Little White Earbuds

Great review, really spot on. Will have to wait for repress.

Faced with the prospect of getting lost in an ocean of digital-only, Beatport-friendly mediocrity, many producers are focusing their efforts on vinyl. Enough to shell out the additional discogs fee when my initial purchase was lost in the mail. The accompanying seven-inch is also worthy as an interesting addendum. You also need to have Feedfroward enabled in your browser. It quickly fades to reveal an airy synth soundtrack fighting to be heard above grubby industrial static hums. Equally, if you want a collection of dance-floor slaying tracks, you may be disappointed.


Vinyl repress will be expensive anyway, the break-even factor is too demanding for these kind of releases. Operating within a sandwll set sandwell district feedforward guidelines and structures means techno producers face the dilemma of either flirting with feedforwarr related styles, sandwell district feedforward alternatively, facing the almost insurmountable task of producing something of magnitude within the ascribed parameters.