Just a quick correction note. Now that you have Stacks Docklet installed, all you have to do is right click on the dock, go to Add Item and select Stacks Docklet. May 3rd, Freeware. I have RocketDock set up where one dock is programs on the bottom, Windows Task Bar on the top , and have another dock set up on the left, that auto-hides, with shortcuts to my document folders. Or do you use something entirely different?

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However, there are places all over the Internet that have skins and icons you can download and install. This tool is useful for the users that need to access a certain folder frequently in gocketdock to view the files or to edit them. Rocketdock stack docklet handy and pretty. The manual installation is a bit more complicated.

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OK I found the problem is was a skin I was using Docklst guess it had some bugs that need to be fix. The only thing I can’t figure out with RocketDock is it disappears under the task bar and when I want stacj use it I have to keep swiping it until it comes to the front.

As to the actual operating system itself,I really don’t know whether any evolution has taken place. The manual way obviously has more steps, but if you like doing things yourself and you want control, you will probably prefer that method more.


You have a couple options for installing the Stacks Docklet: Thank you for this Aaron, been using Rocketdock for years, and never rocketdock stack docklet about Stacks Docklet For example, if dovklet almost definitely hide the task bar, where are you going to get your notifications dropbox and rocketdock stack docklet worksyour clock and calendar, battery life and others.

I’ve searched high and low and cannot find a “Stack Docklet” that supports shortcuts to 64 bit programs. I keep it hidden on the top for my my most used functions and kepp runme hidden on the side for my photography and graphic programs.

I have heard of ModernMix. Rocketdock and Stacks Docklet. One of the challenges with these apps and re skins is some times the uninstall process does not work well or is not possible. Then right click on the icon and select Icon Settings. In order to use the add-in you need to unzip the archive and copy the files to the Docklets folder from the RocketDock installation folder. I’m not a MAC user, but I’ve always loved how they’ve managed to organize everything you need and want rocketdock stack docklet a dock.

The Programs folder contains programs properly alphabetically sorted! Both of these locations are great sources for wallpapers as well. Scroll down for the next article.


This can be made anywhere, but I put mine in the Program Files folder. Many of these small applets do. Clicking this link will start the installer to download Stacks Docklet rocketdoc, for Windows.

There are a lot of features though that I like to add and remove to improve it.

Download Stacks Docklet

You can find a lot of useful information about the different software on our QP Download Blog page. So which is better ObjectDock or RocketDock? I’ll look into it. Or do you use something entirely different?

Version two via the official rocketdock stack docklet includes both methods. I knew the Rocketdock, but this Siute looks great.

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Having said that, I’ve tried Rocket Dock a couple of times. In our tests, the dock seemed to briefly freeze when using a folder with more than three hundred files with the automatic grid view. I used to use Stardocks and DellDocks, but stopped using them because it’s not dockllet, I wonder if RocketDock is lightweight or not.