Is there going to be a Mac version? Jimba Frosty April 1, at Which as a drum sampler, kills Poise, though Poise is really slick too. Kruz February 1, at 5: It does what it needs to do…allow quick playing and manipulation of samples. Yeah man, this is a dope plugin for sure, I really like how simple it is man. But if I got my drums already and I just want to layer quickly…this is the tool.

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Poise is the BEST mpc style drum sampling software available

Thanks for the heads up man. Abdul August 11, at 9: I just bought it a week or so ago and i been on it real heavy. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. GrangeGorman, should just be in the sample window Reply. Nym May 5, at 2: Is there anything out there as good as this or similar for Mac? Poise is NOT a sequencer. It reminds me of what I like about hardware drum machines, but with all the advantages of software. I believe you know all of that about the DAW already, and that it is also very lacking in regards to instruments.


Anyways, overall, I like Poise, but it does seem a little antiquated. Do you have any recommendations for folks like me, who like the ease usage of Poise, but desire the in-depth features of similar tools like Geist and Battery? So what is Poise? Looks and sounds good…lol Reply. Kruz February 1, at 5: The prices poise vst btv is definitely attractive, but Maschine has that hands on feel poise vst many hardware cats like myself crave.

No doubt…I do use drum racks, but have you ever tried to quickly poise vst a sound in lives drum racks?

Poise aims to make working with drum samples quick and painless, allowing piise to focus on making music. You could totally assign your outputs to how u see fit, set your click track, press record and just track directly into your daw, then mix your joint later.

Im in no position poise vst completely update my set up because 2 of my plugins wont work.

Poise is a simple, 16 pad svt sampler that lets you quickly add layers, manipulate the layers, and come up with new sounds. I really like how quick and simple it is.


Erby February 13, at I think it is still in production. After a few weeks. That is the sickest drum sampler I have ever seen. By they way they are legit copies!!! Plugin of the year!!!! But some just want a simple sampler that poise vst layer, I think this is it.

Poise is the BEST mpc style drum sampling software available

And the price it right too!!! Abdul August 12, at No doubt man, this joint is so straight forward and smooth, i love it. Warriorbeats January poise vst, at 6: I think you can pull up the channel panel and there are some settings in there for you to tell it where to route to. Pavel, not sure, maybe try the rsx Reply.

I remember using the beta demo awhile back, but this one has a much nicer GUI.