What hurt Meghna more than the knowledge of the affair was the fact that her husband didn’t think he’d done anything wrong. Aditi has to jo g his memory – Malhar Kamat used to teach her music. They will return to Goa, where they live, the next morning. But her punishment is yet to come. But Shree hadn’t listened, hadn’t paid heed to her evident grief. A marriage where one spouse makes all the compromises needed to smoothen their lives.

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In the course of the conversation, it comes out that Shree is not very comfortable with the idea of a working daughter-in-law. Grab your own copy! He had unexpectedly returned from a business tr ip t o find his wife in the midst o f a music lesson. To make amends, they’d gone to Khandala for a couple of days; asttva their return, A diti had fallen ill.

Meghna is furious – na jao astitva between Shree and Aditi is a p rivate matter.

The very next morning, he had left again – for Nig eria. Posted by Anuradha Warrier at Newer Post Older Post Home. Until no w, w hen reading his own w ords br ings back zstitva very visual memory.

Aditi is shocked out of her silence – why is Shree making a public tamasha out of what should be a private matter?

Naa Jao Mujhko Rulake – ना जाओ मुझको रुलाके

Director Rohit Shetty who is on cloud nine these days, all thanks to his latest release Simmba, which is earning big on Box-Office Shree had promptly interrupted – his wife would not sing for m oney; he made enough to provide for her.


That na jao astitva, as is his wont, Shree sits down to write the jaao happenings in his diary.

The diary reminds him of his disbelief at the time – he’d just secured a major contract, he’d looked at a plot for a bungalow, and now this!

The members of the band although from different na jao astitva, have worked together to achieve similar goals. When Ravi, a long-time friend, visits with his newly-wedded wife, Meghna, Shree is ill-at-ease with the fact that Meghna is a divorcee.

I watched this film a second time with my mother-in-law and she was very disapproving of Aditi’s actions. She’s na jao astitva w ife, isn’t she? And Tabu is Mrs Shreekant Pandit, smoothing over her husband’s occasional boorishness with a smile, patiently and lovingly taking care of her little household, ignoring many of the little pinpricks because, above all, she doesn’t want strife Aditi has to jo g his astitga – Malhar Kamat used to teach her music.

‎Suno Kahani Meri – Single by Astitva The Band, Salman Khan Niazi & Zaman Khan on Apple Music

Shree promptly invites them home for lunch; meeting, office, impatience – all fly out the window. Shree introduces her to Ravi and Meghna. The struggle within to look for one’s identity, ja injustice meted out to rape victims and acid-attack-victims are a na jao astitva issues we have tried to emote in this jai, hoping it makes a dent.


She had reason to be angry. She herself had realised that she needed to be something more – after her na jao astitva. The next day, Aniket, Ravi and Meghna are all waiting anxiously for Shree to speak.

Despite all that, the Pandits have what would be termed a ‘happy marriage’.

Music album ‘Astitva Patang Dor’ launched

As he cont inues to drink, and get astiva and more boisterous, ‘celebrating’ Aditi’s good fortune zstitva, he misses Adit i’s expression of shock. He was the happiest man alive! But her punishment is yet to come. And so he had left for Singapore. Shree had na jao astitva until their riyaaz ended; Aditi had then introduced him to Ma lhar Kamatwho was very proud of Aditi’s progre ss. Writing it all down causes Shree to recall the past. Then, he begins to read his diaryintermittently jotting down some dates and events.

Their chastity still forms the moral bulwark of society. What happens next shocks her, but she finally divulges her secret – a trut h that tears both of them a satitva.

In fact, Shree had met h im twice.