Mijoshop is NOT a cart system. I ask for you customer joomla, where is the directory of miwisoft. It’s Christmas meaning holiday. Initially I only purchased Mijoshop and then a short while later, the windows application they make to locally upload items to the database much faster than through a web browser. MijoShop has an intuitive admin interface that allows you to have complete control over your store and detailed sales reports. This is a hobby I enjoy and occasionally make some money with.

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But then I decided to give them another chance just this year.

As I stated, at first their support was phenomenal but as I’ve cruised the various forums, I begna to notice a very similar thread regarding their support as of late.

Of course that we have loss after this unfair action but it’s more than clear that we’re not the only ones. Even a polite email to their CEO Denis Dulici asking for his help was unanswered, not even an acknowledgement. MijoShop is a mijoshop joomla ready “out of the box” shopping cart and e-Commerce component for Joomla. Good luck, because you will be bounced back jkomla forth between the mijoshop joomla parties blaming the other party mijoshop joomla it’s failure to function and demanding payment for hours of work to make it work.

I attempted to use their ‘Ask A Question’ tab when looking into an extension add-on that is supposed to be compatible with Mijoshop.


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We could purchase a single purpose extension that didn’t behave quite right and the guys at Miwisoft would send me a new version of the file the next day. I’m pretty sure at one time they listed their extensions on the JED, but not any more.

Even to the point that they started just completely ignoring my requests for an ETA. JED has clearly drawn a line in the sand on this, and the developers are now painfully aware of the consequences, as every other developer would be. I also mijosjop the iSearch module for Mijoshop joomla because I liked the features. I’m so angry at this [censored]. Found this article interesting? Unsolicited forum PM’s get binned. I tell you that they had so many complaints by joomla users who withdrew all extensions from the official joomla site.

But we changed opencart core files very little. I had purchased the YMM module ,ijoshop was sold through their extensions directory In the last 60 days I decided mijoshop joomla update my site from mijosuop. Over the years I have had to come up with my own fixes and work arounds mijoshop joomla many occasions. So there is no sense to beg for mercy when you’ve not commit an offense! The Miwi support is sloooow! I’d like to know if you have a listing of compatible extensions that have been tested and proven to work with JooCart, since I know that some OpenCart extensions may not be compatible with JooCart.


Their support is non-existant on software that doesn’t work as advertised. So you can use opencart third party extension with JooCart except opencart third party templates.

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I tried their new forms component, I reported a bug which made their component unusable for me. Written by Denis Dulici on Wednesday, 12 November So, I’ll do it soon.

This mijoshhop partly my fault, I guess I was looking for something to help me solve the issue instead of just hard coding urls. Continue Reading View Comments 3.

At least they should say ticket received and come back saying they are delaied. How often do you come out with updates? Mijoshop joomla 5 color styles and 10 handy bonus pages integrated, JA Decor template is surely the smart choice for online Joomla shop owners or other eCommerce site builders.

This major release includes new features such as Facebook Store, Security Firewall and several updates and fixes. Last edited by toivo on Mijoshop joomla Jun 06, 2: