With that being said, ObZen is a hard album to get into, but bringing yourself a step closer to obscene Zen is worth the sweet audial punishment. Archived from the original on December 20, Rather than recording using mic’d-up tube or solid-state amplifiers, a process which can produce uneven results from day to day, they began recording their guitars via Line 6 pods on ‘s Nothing. Necro44 , March 15th, It is no less kick-ass though, and is definitely one of the highlights of the album. Fredrik Thordendal and Martin Hagstrom are still laying down insane grooves and spicing them up with overdubbed jazzy leads that add another layer of atmosphere to the Meshuggah sound which might otherwise be getting stale. Meshuggah lovers and haters alike have come to expect certain things from Meshuggah, horrendously catchy drop-Z chugs, awe-inspiring drumming and a total wall of noise sound being just a few of them.

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This album is full of goodies and all kinds of head-to-the-pavement riffs and even some ridiculously bone-crushing breakdowns, mainly in “obZen”, “Pineal Gland Optics” and “Lethargica”. Also, where meshuggah obzen 33″, and even “Nothing” plods along, there appears to me a lot more hooks in this one: I do feel when a bonus note appears and the tempo is slightly modified, and still I’m not having any boner because of this. Meshgugah said that this meshuggah obzen was nothing like he’s ever heard along with the fact that it’s heavy.

The atmosphere is not quite as intense and claustrophobic as Catch33, which many will see as a good thingbut for me this is a step backwards – perhaps one necessary to move forwards in the future.


In keeping with my claim that each of obZen ‘s nine tracks has its own distinctiveness, it is crucial to point out the meshuggaah of the album’s two concluding tracks, the strong “Pravus” and the nearly-ten-minute epic “Dancers to a Discordant System”, as well as the title track.

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Meshuggah’s ‘obZen’ | Revolver

I love how they’ve incorporated all of the elements that make them such a fantastic and original band, meshuggah obzen the simplistic chug to the complicated math riff to the crushing slow doom chords and bouncing grooves, not to forget the spinning, revolving scale solos and the ambient acoustic interjections.

Obzne album is fantastic. Mikesn Emeritus February 29th Comments. Meshuggah seem to have collated their styles from all their previous albums and out of the metal madness has come a rich, diverse and meshuggah obzen album, one that will be instantly familiar to the Obaen fan, yet somehow bringing something new.

I hope for their next release we hear more experimentation. Dancers is such an amazing closer. However, these few sections are easily covered up by the brilliance of everything else.

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For meshuggah obzen, that’s a very important aspect to it. Monotonous, yes, but thrashy and memorable. Not that it’s bad in any way cause it sounded killer, but it’s still strange to hear Meshuggah playing that kind of structures.

Its overall sound is fairly similar to I and Catch Thirty Three, but obzem songs are more straightforward and accessible. Basically sums up Meshuggah in the space of 20 seconds.


Retrieved February 2, It beats some of the songs on Lich King’s Necromantic Meshuggah obzen easily in terms of originality and passion. If you don’t like Meshuggah, this album won’t change your views of that.

Meshuggah used to be one of my favourite bands with Destroy Erase Improve and Chaosphere. Some might claim that using styles from previous works is not progressive and that it doesn’t move the band anywhere. As the principle lyricist, Haake’s writing is typical Meshuggah fare, but nevertheless intriguing.

Drumkit from Hell was an auxiliary sound source. I’m a drummer myself, and this song is no joke to try and play. Retrieved May 29, TrilogiqueMarch 6th, The solo is also a nice aspect, highlighting Frederik Thordendal’s agility while also showcasing a nice sense meshuggah obzen variety meshuggay his playing.

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The title-track does a great job meshugfah switching riffs while maintaining its signature mosh-pounding. Zero Tolerance Magazine From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Personnel adapted from Allmusic. Extreme metalprogressive metalavant-garde metal.

Best viewed meshuggah obzen Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. The best way I can describe the feeling you get from this album is this: