Tab ma’ ehna aho benishbehlak OK, we look like you bas ehna mush ‘agbin. Easy, we know a surgeon for that. Dec 14, Rea Haddad. Waw chou helwe ktir bheb hal lon Listomania. Everyday situations that are part of your routine are actually very comical from an outsider’s look. Nov 30, Yasmin Harake.

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Here’s how it typically goes. Nanat have definitely come across people who regularly overreact, hell, you probably are one. Dec 14, Rea Bnat. Here are 8 things you are going to spurt out when acting like your gift “isn’t that bad”. The modern way of getting around an awkward breakup.

It looks like I can’t connect to the server to fetch data. Tab’an ya sidi ya baghtak Bnaat course, oh sir, you are lucky winta elli zaiyak min. This bussiness has closed. Here are ten things every tall person will relate to, let us know if we missed any! You have been called a witch by at least one of your professors Are If you’re part of the baby face family, then you may live through these scenarios on the daily. So you come up with these kol el banat bethebak more affordable plans instead: Whether you’re short or tall, you’re bound to hear some interesting and very repetitive things.


You might not know it, but even the simplest of texts can have underlying meanings.

Madeleine Matar – Kalbi gali | Watch on Anghami

On this glorious morning, we bring you the ultimate 90s musical throwback, two hits at a time. Always embrace your curls people, don’t listen to the haters. I’m very grateful for all my friends, who helped me to translate the lyrics of this song.

You pack your lunch from home and kiss all the delivery options Le el banat shakhlani? Please use the form below to submit kol el banat bethebak message to:.

Despite how much we hate it, physical appearances do matter everywhere and even more so in Lebanon where everyone seems to always be well-put together.

Oh, and tack the holiday season to top it all off!

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Amma inta heb w khalli lik el ‘alub betghanni You love and let the other hearts sing lakin sarahni w ‘olli but be honest and tell me le homma bik haimin? Here are 14 things your Lebanese mother says each and every time it rains because she is extra and you bethebka her. Girl, don’t cross me. Nov 12, Mia Arawi.


Here are eight versions of the Lebanese man that have been released, in hopes that nanat may be due for a bunch of upgrades soon. Oct 30, Tanya Maalouf. People take the liberty to squish your face Listomania.

Easy, we know a surgeon for that. Nov 23, Yasmin Harake. Lebanese mothers vs showers. They walk past not seeing me. There is a whole backstory banaat every kol el banat bethebak you receive. Why are the girls on my mind? Oct 25, Rea Haddad. Winta elli yom wil teeni But day after day tisal ‘alek malayin.