While simple sounding you can build pretty complex things such as accordians, image sliders, drawers, and much more. They use the click event by default but you can set it to any number of standard JS events. First I added the modal markup. If you’re not already familiar with responsive web design, a term coined by Ethan Marcotte on AListApart , we highly suggest reading that entry as well as others on the idea of RWD responsive web design. They grow up so fast. And here is Gumby’s defaults on that same site for reference.

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If you call the compass watch command from the root of your project, you can play with the settings variables and check out the results in ui. Gumby framework parallax, images, shuffle and fittext JavaScript have been added with the gumby framework UI modules before fdamework.

In order to stay on the cutting edge, Gumby supports modern web browsers like:. To help you set up your first project with Gumby, we made a neat npm module called Claymate. Respond The respond mixin lets your layout and supporting styles respond to various screen sizes. It is gumgy providing the function with the font sizes to make up the scale. If a selector is specified, the element will be fixed when the result of the selector reaches the top of the window. It also will help you to concatenate and minify your javascript using UglifyJS.


Designing for Gumby We’ve made sure to make designing for Gumby just as easy as to develop gumby framework it. You should see that there was a change to a file and that gumby. Gumby v2 is here. Skip links allow you to vertically slide the window to a specific DOM element, a px point or up to the top rfamework the page. Perhaps you want to change the natural stacking of elements on smaller screen sizes. In an effort to keep your code more organized, we suggest you use partials when styling your site.

Any specific web framework such as Rails, Codeigniter, etc. But why not use regular Gumby framework As the name suggests, Toggles will toggle a class on a set of elements while Switches will add and remove a class only once.

Let’s give them really big headlines, because big fonts are all the rage: You could even add your own tests.

Installing, Configuring and Building a Responsive Website with the Gumby Framework

Some optional things that we recommend include: Here’s some quick examples Here we can see that an element with the class “dont-show-me-on-phones” will be hidden on portrait oriented tablets, but gumby framework on landscape: Now if you look at your gumby.

Did I not tell you how powerful this thing is?

Neither of these selectors are actually required, you can simply provide one selector, with no pipe separator, to which the active class will ggumby added, or supply an gumby framework first selector in order to only remove the active class.


Browser Compatibility Gumby is developed following the latest standards and specs. Conclusion That brings this tutorial to an end. Look on the left frzmework side you have the gradation of pixel sizes. Desktop sizes, including tablets in landscape mode. It is the heart and soul of Gumby’s responsive gumby framework. The ultimate goal is to make your site viewable, readable and fast at any screen size.

In this example, we have designed Tourist Frameworm Website with step by step procedure. You may be asking yourself “How does one yield such power with both love and care?

Drawers and Modals It just so happens that Gumby’s gumby framework drawers and modals are actually built with toggles and switches. Gumby will calculate a rem value for you.

Gumby – A Flexible, Responsive CSS Framework – Powered by Sass

Take Gumby wherever you want to go with it! You can use rbenvapt-getyumor your package manager of choice. The gumby-fixed attribute can be applied to any element in order to fix and gumby framework at certain points.