You don’t need to use Sass if you’re all about retro things and living in the past. Gumby uses modular-scale , which lets designers scale font-sizes at a specific ratio, rather than arbitrary pixel values. Modular Scale Modular scale is a new ideology that we’ve adopted for Gumby v2. For you Linux folk, there’s quite a few options here. This will create a new gumby. You can always make more and have them included in the gumby.

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Bower allows you to install, update and manage your front end dependencies; With a simple command you can update your dependencies to the latest releases.

A common issue for new users. Standard Grid These are the core mixins guumby in gumby framework semantic grid. But don’t be afraid. Respond The respond mixin lets your layout and supporting styles respond gumby framework various screen sizes. Once compass compile has been called, our css will contain the parallax styles. You can optionally pass in three more arguments to change the predefined breakpoints.

Time for a revelation: Note framewodk that this is a one time action. Simply put your browser can’t load these fonts because they are from a different origin.


User Interface UI Kit | Gumby Framework

Any version greater than or equal to 2. If it returns something along the lines of ruby 2.

At this point the element will become pinned rather than fixed, check out our gumby framework sidebar for an gumby framework of this. I then wrote the first lines of JS used in this project. So easy, a pixelated caveman could do it. Link it in and off you go! Intrinsic ratio video embeds maintain a video’s aspect ratio as the browser’s viewport size increases or decreases. Semantic Grid Use this series of mixins to build flexible, semantic grids which dont require the use of non-semantic class names inside of your markup structure.

Journeys End.

Let’s give them really big headlines, because big fonts are all the rage:. It is the heart and soul of Gumby’s frmaework grid. Same principle as before with toggles, just with a different gumby framework name. By default, Gumby uses the golden ratio. But wait, there’s more! If you need them to happen repeatedly, toggles are what you need.

Gumby – A Flexible, Responsive CSS Framework – Powered by Sass

Humby default is px. Check out the bottom of index. In the example below we’re going to toggle the something id. Any element can be a Toggle or a Switch, just add the appropriate class.


The world needs historians after all! Here’s what that could look like:. As developers, there’s a few things that you should know while implementing a modular scale into your pages. The cornerstones of our workflow on the terminal are Gumby framework and Claymate. As long as the same numbers are used, what you see on the PSD will reflect on the developed page. If you’re gumby framework already familiar with responsive web design, a term coined by Ethan Marcotte on AListApartwe highly suggest reading that entry as well as others on the idea of RWD responsive web design.

You framedork simply target your HTML with the respond mixin desired:. There are three optional attributes you gumb use to tweak the functionality.