To understand how it works, solve something. Thank you Anwar, I sent thanks and added to your reputation. Just little problem for install driver but protecte program work very fine. Please carefully read readme. If your OS is 64 bit, then open folder MultiKey64 and do as follows:.

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HASPHL [Archive] – Wire Free Alliance

Thank you in advance. I searched on Internet and read many web pages regarding dongle emulator. Hi Anwar, Can you send me pass, pls? I used anwar’s download and password and converted the. You must accept to install it anyway.

Hi Can i use this tutorial with Edgehzsp XP!! Thk if you can. Am I able to get the password? Select [Exit] and click Next button to exit. I accepted his request to help him.

How to install HASP MultiKey USB Dongle Emulator on Windows 7 64 bit

Could you please explain how to convert the same. Anwar can give me the pass? Is there any other softwares required? Sorry about my English is very bad.


HASPHL [Archive] – Page 2 – Wire Free Alliance

Sorry everybody, I can’t use PM function. That is so wierd, because I was given a trial veresion for one week only to test it edgehasp 2010 and see if I want to buy the full verson. How do I emulate this format ddgehasp there is no ‘edgehasp.

Thank you very much. Please contact sales dongleservice. I noticed that his PC was installed Windows 7 64 bit Professional. Now, I want to write some steps here: Hasphl work edgehasp 2010 windows 7??

You wait for a while, you will see a popup asking you to install a unsigned driver. It shows wrong file size. Hi, Thanx for the prog but can anyone help me with a password??

If you send us the same that would be great! I cloned successfully all types of dongles with MultiKey Emulator. Thanks Anwar, You follow to go on edgrhasp post news.

D Some other work very well. I suppose that they use a tool for put the. Could send me a rapid link for that. Could you please help me edgehasp 2010 can i create. Regards Manish try to used “search” friend. Thanks can i have the password plz. Hi, Thanks for sharing but http: