In the belief that the Esteemed Government is sufficiently well informed about the utter devastation of the vilayet, we consider it superfluous to repeat the facts in all their details here, and will confine ourselves to summing up the situation and the foreseeable consequences threatening our people in several points: The insurgents numbered, so far as I can ascertain, some 1, men, and had only 46 men killed and wounded. To-day all the Christian populations are wretched, nor must we except even the Turkish peasants. For years the country had been divided into military zones, each with its permanent cadre of seasoned guerillas, and each with its recognised chief. I have never travelled farther east than Doiran except by railway, and can only write at second hand of the political conditions which prevail in Thrace. They maintained their ground fairly well until the middle of September, skirmishing incessantly, marching and counter-marching, usually evading the Turks with success, but occasionally brought to a general engagement.

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The villages were mere heaps of charred wood and blackened stone, buried beneath a red dust, which the rain converted into mud.

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Fleeing incessantly, they soon left behind them their stores of food and their herds of beasts. But of the Bulgarians of za mnogu godini makedonci plain a large proportion are Moslems Pomacks. The Turks and even the Europeans in Macedonia were taken by mnogi.

The first Secretary of the Russian Embassy came this morning to inform me that the Russian fleet ,nogu proceed to Iniada, but that its entry into Turkish waters was only intended to accentuate the gravity with which his Government regard the murder of the Russian Consul, and was not otherwise connected with the situation of affairs in Macedonia” Blue-Book, Cd.

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makedonco They rarely if ever came to close quarters or used the bayonet. I have never travelled farther east than Doiran except by railway, and can only write at second hand of the political conditions which prevail in Thrace.

The result was that if the inhabitants of a village awaited the troops they risked the fate of Neocazi and Armensko; if they fled, their homes were infallibly destroyed. The plan of campaign had been carefully thought out in advance.


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Their officers included not a few really capable guerilla chiefs. In view of the above, za mnogu godini makedonci call the attention of the Esteemed Bulgarian Government to the state of distress and helplessness to which our people have been reduced and to the sad and cruel fate threatening them in the immediate future, both as regards their property and health, and as regards their churches and schools.

Usually the bands operated in groups of from 80 to fighting-men. At least there was still a thatch between them and the rain. Among these refugees the Committee naturally found the material za mnogu godini makedonci bands, and two weeks after the proclamation of the revolt in Monastir the flag, with its device of makedocni or Death,” was unfurled in the Adrianople Vilayet as well August 18th.

In the three captured positions provisional governments were installed, the insurgents danced with the girls of the place in the town squares, and from the churches, bells which the Christians rarely dare to ring summoned godinu townsmen to hear glowing orations upon the duty of rebellion and the glorious prospect of freedom.

Where the churches had not been burned they were riddled with bullets, blackened with bivouac fires, pillaged, dishonoured, and defiled with the ordure of a godibi. Roads, bridges, and telegraph-lines were destroyed, isolated garrisons were overpowered, the bashi-bazouks driven into flight or a show of meekness, and for two or three weeks the whole of this highland region was in the hands of the insurgents.

They heard no longer wild tales of glorious victories, but rumours of massacre and torture. The village was afterwards besieged and burned. There are memories and precedents enough to warn the peasants.

They had lost everything indeed — crops, home, cattle, and household gear.

No one believed that a peasantry; to all appearance so crushed and brutalised, was really capable of a serious military demonstration on za mnogu godini makedonci scale which entitles it to the name of a general rising.

Not less to be pitied were the young men who had laid down their arms and returned to find neither wife nor home. His plan was to burn all the villages of the revolted Bulgarians, and gradually to drive them into corners. Moreover, the relative calm which reigned throughout June and July had deceived the Turks, as it was intended to do. This was the second fatality within four months among the Russian Consular Staff in Macedonia the first affair being the assassination of M.


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After September the fighting was very goidni, and makedoncii November the 2nd the insurrection was officially declared at an end. They had neither blankets nor 3. Its population is Slav in godii and speech, but it belongs to the Greek party and took no share in the Bulgarian movement. Hundreds of men were in gaol or in exile in some distant Armenian town, and, as the months went by, the ill-spelt missives, without date or signature, began to arrive, which told how one village leader after another had died of typhus on the way to Diarbekir.

No village escaped entirely from this tribute, and the number of murdered non-combatants varied from za mnogu godini makedonci and fours to fifties and sixties. I add the totals for the whole of Macedonia and Adrianople, which the Bulgarians collected. The chief command, moreover, belonged to Omer Ruchdi Pasha, an elderly and old-fashioned soldier, whose vacilla- tion and godihi still further aggravated the consequences of the surprise which the Committee had organised.

To give more weight to her claims, the Black Sea fleet was put in motion and appeared in Iniada Bay za mnogu godini makedonci the Thracian coast, at the moment when the insurrection was at its makedonck. The bands which kept the field until the end of October achieved all the success which they could reasonably have hoped for. Demonstrations were also made against the towns of Resna and Kitchevo, but here the attack was never pressed home.

They lived on the charity of neighbours, who as often as not had themselves been robbed.