It came from a Chinese forum. I changed the date of the computer, made the changes and then changed again the date of the computer and it works. Find More Posts by bjh. June 19th, Is there a way to expand the date? I installed the license and I am able to get a little further and it recognizes the license, but when I try to open any project, it gives me an error that says “License does not enable WindowMaker – exiting”.

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WonderWare Licensing is soooooooo nice compared to Rockwell’s generally broken jump through hoops garbage system. June 30th, So can someone fix this problem that would be appreciated.

The package would have also included paper licenses with a holographic strip in them. This is where you copy license file licenwe the CD to hard disk.

InTouch Classic Licensing Guide

Last edited by NetNathan; May 12th, at Any news for licence file ? Any simplified info appreciated. I sonderware attempt to contact them to find the license, I will check back in to let you know what happens. There are 2 file: July 21st, I want to install my software and develop on my laptop until HMI computers are purchased.


intouch license crack

Find More Posts by had-z. Don’t ask me, I got from other forum and this is the only I got from there. I have had issues with “Appended’ licenses. Only one license can be used at intoych time. Twitter Reddit Digg del. November 10th, Originally Posted by NetNathan. If it is Wonderware R, you will use the archestra. I am happy with only lic. Originally Posted by had-z. Thanks so much for your replies.

I’ve done a test, the feb is working good, however, the dec wonverware same problem with my post above sorry for thatit can start wonderware maker seems it works,but when you try to edit a quick function it appear a licence issue.

You are not registered yet. November 26th, South Carolina Lowcountry Posts: Hi I am very new with Wonderware, but we have a panel that hadn’t been used for a wonderwar time so I am trying to get something started again. Ferni, The license files come on a mini-cd that may have arrived separately from the actual software discs. Wonderware intouch 10.1 license file there a way to expand the date? I mean it oly works for a licenee days 12 days to be exactly and I wanna know if there is a way to make it last longer.


All times are GMT Originally Posted by rdrast. Find More Posts by rdrast. There are actually 2 licenses that may be required.