Characters with ranks in Gather Information or Knowledge nobility and royalty can research warblades and learn more about them. The Book of Nine Swords excerpts. March 11, , Slows down BAB one level. Which is exactly why I need some help.

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I’d skip it, if only because you have better feats to get and only a limited number of slots.

Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords

Special mention goes to Moment of Perfect Mindwhich gives you a huge bonus to your will save. Expert Mind isn’t bad, but again, I rarely use Duel of Wills. Both divine and arcane spellcasters are foreign to your pursuit of physical perfection, so you see them as little more than a means of support for your own endeavors.

Fighters, paladins, and other front-line fighters welcome warblades as brothers in steel. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policywarblade 3.5 full our Terms of Service.

It even works on Exotic Weapon Proficiency, meaning you never ever have to suffer from non-proficiency penalties. Tactical Strike is very nice, as controlling the battlefield usually is.

There’s no feats to buy Weapon supremacy and Improved Critical in the level Originally Warblade 3.5 full by gdiddy. Bonus to dex, penalty to str. How to do Maneuvers: Retrieved from ” https: Pump up that will save.


For me, its usually 1 or 0, barring pouncers. Disarming Strike currently fulfills that pre-requisite for me.

Governments, churches, and spy rings love to employ warblades. These glory-hounds think they can live forever in a bard’s song! So, skip the pseudo-smite.

Warblade Dualwield (3.5e Optimized Character Build)

Warbldae on October 08, Against higher enemies, it could be worth to change the elemental damage enchants with a wounding enchantment on your weapons, wich can deal upt to 24 Con damage to your target in one round. Go for Wings or Senses.

This cull the class really messes with your GM ‘s Metagamesince your character can legitimately call dibs on any weapon-loot that he presents to the group, and you can reasonably be expected to be better with that weapon warblade 3.5 full any other member of the group unless they are dedicated Fighter-class characters WITH that weapon. And from a fluff perspective-it makes sense that you need warblade 3.5 full be familiar with more basic Tiger Claw maneuvers before moving on to more advanced ones; if you no longer favor the simpler maneuvers ie trade them out theres no reason you should spontaneously forget fuull more advanced stuff.

The Scouring of the Land. Ninja – Scout – Spellthief Complete Arcane: You don’t get along too well with barbarians because they seem incapable of properly bestowing or receiving honor. Difficult to fight invisible, hit and run and others diferent oriented style of combat enemies.


Warblade – latest version free download ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

They were the first to teach Reshar, and their discipline was the first that he mastered. Stormguard Warrior is also a little wierd.

A good point that I failed to notice is that at level 3, 10 damage is significant, and if you’re into pouncing, it fulfills that very well. One of the most broken thing about this class is the feature it gets at level 1: As the Goliath, but fulk opens up Psionics, and Expansion is just so good for melee warblade 3.5 full.

However, this isn’t necessarily a bad feat. The githyanki also take great pride in their martial skill, and a number of warblades can be found among this race. fuull

I would say that Halflings are worse than Gnomes, but really, neither choice has any huge advantages or disadvantages.

In my games, with a 5 person party, you rarely give this bonus to more than 1 person, but YMMV.