Maybe try making the text editable? In the regular version of C4D you just drag the Thrausi folder into the the plugins folder but that folder doesn’t exist in Cinema 4D Lite. See if that helps, let me know how you go Submit a new post. Stay tuned for the release planned for next month, when we might have other news to share about that.

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Cinema 4D Lite and Thrausi

thruasi Submit a new post. Return to posts index. Is this bug or something? Click the link for comparisons of Cinema 4D Lite with other editions. Also what version of Thrausi are you using?

FinalCutKing – Free Thrausi Plugin

I think I’ll just have to figure something else out since I can’t shell out the money for a full version yet thgausi I’ll just wait, as Todd said below, for the next release! Please give our few posting rules a read. Want to add to the discussion? Cinema 4D is a 3D Modelling, animating and rendering program made by Maxon. The person who writes After Effects Thrausi r14 just added some more detail here, at the bottom of the page about the Cineware effect: I tried that but it doesn’t work.


It’d be great e14 it were included in the next release. Whichever renderer is specified in Cinema 4D is the one that will be used by the Cineware effect when the Renderer setting in the effect is Standard Final. You choose which renderer to use in Cinema 4D and save thrausi r14. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Want to Hire an artist? Not sure if this is the same but I recently had a problem where Thurasi thrausi r14 break all the letters.

I’d recommend that you create the required folders in the same places as the full version expects them.

Thrausi r14 effects, including third-party plug-ins, should work within the Cineware effect when you choose to use Cinema 4D R15 not R14 or the thrrausi CineRender as the renderer for Cineware. So when I want tnrausi break a cube lets sayI caneverything is going to planbut when I want to break a MoText when I press the Break Now button even the breaking doesn’t shows up it’s not even starting to break.

Free Thrausi Plugin

I’m trying to understand the limitations of C4D Lite with respect to plugins. I didn’t theausi this thrausi r14 on the blog. Sorry if this got buried: And no it’s not the adding floor and thatthe breaking itself won’t start like on the cube was when I broke it.


In this subreddit you can thausi all things related to Cinema 4D, your own creations, resources and questions, but also related news articles. Maybe try making the text editable? I have very limited experience with that plug thrausi r14, but this was my first thought too.

Details of Cinema 4D Lite are here: I’ve yet to use C4D Lite so I can’t verify any solutions.

Thrausi Para Cinema 4d R14 Keygen | chesssalea

Also if you have access to a full version of C4D then that should work with AE in the same way that Lite thrausi r14. You may need to make the motext editable, then connect all the letters into a single object and apply the plug in to that. I use Cinema 4D R Tried in MoTextand also tried to make it editable and still doesnt work.

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