This novel has dual time lines. If you like romance, I think you’ll like this book. My two complaints were the excessive ‘Scotifying’ of the locals’ speech and the author’s insistence on lecturing the reader on correct pronunciation within the story which I found very irritating. So I picked it up the night after Christmas and settled in to see what all the fuss was about. I enjoyed reading about Carrie’s romance, but reading the parts that were Carrie’s book bored me. I have been hearing about this books for months in different groups I belong to, everyone who has read it saying they have absolutely loved it.

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Handsome men, castles, and a Scottish lilt to top it off– what’s not to love? What this book actually is about: As she’s traveling around, she feels an odd pull towards the ruins of Slains Castle. Hardcoverpages. This author can write!

At times, she had to make tough choices Other books in the series. After the end of the story, she very clear about what liberties she did take, and those were few. Reasons to read this book: He decides to leave her there because he states that it is not safe in ireland either but, if they had 3 other kids, there is no reason why they had to forget about her and let her grow up with another family.


Usually, when the author take the winter sea susanna kearsley approach, one will be more appealing than the other, but both stories were fascinating.

The Winter Sea

The writing was superb, even if the Doric speech was almost untranslatable to my eyes. Happily, I was not sae and I have my mother to thank for that–another die-hard Mary Stewart fan herself. January 16, Publication Date: She travels to Scotland to research Slains Castle for her newest novel and to spend some time the winter sea susanna kearsley her editor who lives there. I was a bit conflicted about the ending though and I’d like to have somebody else’s opinion about it: And tne it turns out to be.

Also, I can enjoy a good history lesson, but the way she droned on and on about the history of the region was hard to read.

Kearsley not being too gifted of a writer. Barbara Febbo Oh yes Dec 27, Well, it does not – or very slightly so – but I loved it nonetheless. Some of you are definitely going to give this book a five star rating. Was she susannw remembering her life from before? Kearsley is an excellent writer. From the first page, I was immersed in the story.

Review of The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley | The Book Stop

Nevertheless, some of you will love the angst of that. This is yet another book which I probably would not have read had it not been for reviews on Goodreads and recommendations from several GR friends which prompted me to read another novel by Kearsley, Every Secret Thing.


The others were easy to understand. The winter sea susanna kearsley explains some of the Jacobite history without a huge info dump while still keeping in line with her story. But the ending was just bad. The character voices are real and rich with emotion, the intrigue is well done, and Kearsley put in so many historical facts that this wonderful fiction also acts as a sort of history lesson.

Review of The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley

Finally read it and loved it too. And, not to annoy any Outlander fans out there but I, for one, infinitely prefer Kearsley’s reserved and resonant touch to the the rampant floridity of Gabaldon’s epic. Or is it just ancestral memory somehow passed down through to reemerge in Carrie?

In the present day, Carrie is a wonderful protagonist; smart and independent, as is Sophie in the past.