Here too the top-octave Rishabha is given due respect and the composer lives with it to weave magic. This viruttam is a stunning piece of work by the music director K. The huge popularity acquired by these classical pieces in those days may be likened to that enjoyed only by film songs today, thanks to the spell-binding voices of the divas. Please try again later. Report Community Violation Copyright Infringement.

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Soundararajan marks a different approach to Simhendramadhyamam.

Thalattum Poongatru Naan Allava, Gopura Vasalile

Here too the top-octave Thalattum poongatru is given due respect and the composer lives with it to weave magic. This viruttam is a stunning piece thalatttum work by the music director K.

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Thalattum poongatru by S. Janaki | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Subbulakshmi, possessing high-pitched and sweet voices, sang many of these songs and made them super hits in their day. This raga in Dikshitar Paddhati is called Sumadyuti and it is also prevalent in Hungarian thhalattum music and thalattum poongatru music of the Spanish gypsies. Available on the Thalattum poongatru.


A Raga’s Journey — Heart-rending Hamsanandi. A Raga’s Journey — The charm of Charukesi. Chiselled with utmost beauty, every facet of this raga brims with passionate appeal.

Thalattum poongatru

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Salutes to Shanmukhapriya (Raaga)!!

It is a Melakarta raga, complete in every way, and its thalattum poongatru lend themselves to gamaka s, symmetric patterns and clever permutations while singing alapana sniraval and kalpanaswara s. A Raga’s Journey — Aspects of Abheri. Such raga s that are loved across the length and breadth of the world are testimony to the universal thalattum poongatru of music, and the fact that such scales have been explored with great attention to detail in classical music certainly shows that Indian music is one of the most enlightening forms of art upon this earth.

Please check your email. Create Recordings and be part of the Smule community! A raga that is grand in every way, regal, meditative, bold and striking is Simhendramadhyamam.