The Font dialog box appears. Reproduction, adaptation, or translation without prior written. If you have any questions about what constitutes legal use of this product please consult the license agreement that came with your original software or contact SMART Technologies Inc. You can also edit existing class lists and delete class lists that you don t need anymore. Legal Notes Unauthorized reproduction of all or part of this guide is prohibited.

synchroneyes quiz wizard

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You should already have your site set up. However, you can also click Browse and select a different folder. Estimated time to complete: Within the Syncroneyes Wizard, select the question you want to copy.

SynchronEyes software facilitates every aspect of quizzes, from creating, distributing, collecting and marking quizzes to saving student responses and summarizing results. All other third-party product and company names are mentioned for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners.

Multiple Choice Static Answer Order 1. You can use Excel to create and format workbooks a collection of spreadsheets in order to analyze data and. We cannot be held. Sage, the Sage logos, and the Sage product and service names mentioned herein are registered trademarks or trademarks.

synchroneyes quiz wizard

No part of this document qiz the software may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means or. Select the question that you want to delete. Repeat steps 1 through 6 on each student s computer.


If you have any questions about what constitutes legal use of this product please consult the license agreement that came with your original software or contact SMART Technologies Inc. To import a text file 1. The Chat view displays all the messages, including the messages between students. Reproduction, adaptation, or translation without prior written More information.

You can t select this connection style if SynchronEyes software runs in Hidden mode. Eizard a broadcasting station either teacher or student is running at a higher resolution than a viewing station, scroll bars appear on the viewing station so that the entire higher-resolution screen can be viewed by scrolling.

Networking Best Practices Guide Version 6.

synchroneyes quiz wizard

Mail Merge Microsoft Office Mail Merge Microsoft Office Microsoft Word s mail merge feature allows users to create one document, such as a customer appreciation letter, promotional letter, or an employee appreciation More information. You can manage student groups, lock students desktops, respond to student s questions, block Internet access and conduct polls from any of these five views.

Using the Stand-Alone Version of the Quiz Wizard

We cannot be held liable for any problems More information. Using the Cute Rich-Text Editor Using the Cute Rich-Text Editor This document is designed to provide users with a basic introduction to using the Cute rich-text editor to format text, create and modify tables, and to place charts and More information. In Visible mode, the students know that SynchronEyes software is running on their computers. The synhcroneyes and incorrect responses are syndhroneyes into a random order when the question appears on the students screens.


If you select this option, the connection wizard appears automatically when you open SynchronEyes teacherstation software. August 24, All Rights Reserved.

After the evaluation period expires, many of SynchronEyes software s features are no longer enabled, but you can still monitor another teacher s class as a teacher aide. Drag the question to its new position in the quiz. The Local Area Connection Properties dialog box appears.

SynchronEyes Software Enables Wireless Classroom Management

PESA produces More information. This prevents students from connecting to the wrong class or from taking too much time to connect. Editing Quizzes in Another Program You can edit a previously created quiz using another program, such as Microsoft Word. Disconnected Mobile Device – The student is using a mobile device but has disconnected Locked Out The student quuiz locked out. Network Management Server Manual. SynchronEyes software lets you monitor and control your students using the Thumbnails view, which displays synchroneyds images of your students computer desktops and mobile device screens.