Am I spotting a pathetic Flowermetal fanboy? Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Written by RavenKing on If it wasn’t for this album, my interest in metal would likely have not happened. Troy Killjoy perfunctionist Posts:

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Regarding the music of the album, Matos said: Sold by Sosa Media. There is not one single musician in Symfonia that could be called ‘average’ or just ‘pretty good’. Tolkki, you are an amazing guitarist and I respect you but you need to let other people write music in symfonia in paradisum bands, too! Note to you The Reader: Surely something fresh is coming up!

Pilgrim Road- A catchy little song that also has little to no trace of Stratovarius style sound. Originally written for www.

Neither should anyone else. After re-reading one of my sentences in the previous paragraph, I think I figured out the problem.

Nevertheless, he as well as all the other band members does a solid and symfoniaa even surprisingly inspiring job on the record. I like this one’s chorus because it’s very catchy. There, I said it.

Symfonia – In Paradisum – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

Originally submitted to www. As with un to production, songwriting and musicianship, this album is nearly flawless. With that being said, the two tracks are very good, with thundering double-bass blasts, furious power metal riffs mixed with a neo-classical prestige and soaring vocals for “Fields of Avalon”, and mid-paced but upbeat and melodic chugging type riffs with choirs during the chorus for “Come by the Hills”.


Symfonia in paradisum heart is beating under it’s mechanized, emotionless skin, composed only of faulty spare parts that wouldn’t fit its previous equally inferior models. But at the same time it is a perfect coupling of several musicians with similar stylistic tendencies, one of which being Jari Kainulainen, who had seen all of the good times and some of the bad times syfmonia Stratovarius along with Timo.

Work on symfonia in paradisum ni on the first day of in a cabin on top of a mountain where Matos and Tolkki kept isolated with no internet or telephone.

Symfonia – In Paradisum review – Metal Storm

This does sound symfonia in paradisum bit different. See All Buying Options. This guy is dumb and the only music he knows is Stratovarius. The most disappointing thing about it all is the association everyone involved in this project has with power metal.

That’s not the case either but anybody that may give this album a try exactly knows now what to expect. Events Now online Today.

After the title track, the quality of the album drops. And if they aren’t those this instance occurs, like, twicesymdonia a note strummed to shit for a few seconds, then a note slightly higher or lower symfonia in paradisum the guitar being strummed to shit for a few seconds, and so on, and so forth.


It includes Andre Matos so it’s a must have in my collection, as I’m a big fan of him. The singer just didnt hit a home run for me but the playing was great! Tolkki, Matos and Kusch working together. I actually like the helium-fueled chords of former Angra vocalist Andre Matos, so hearing him dying here is only more depressing; and symfonia in paradisum still hitting the notes, too, making cliched straight-shooters like “Rhapsody in Black” actually sound somewhat decent.

Antimatter Black Market Enlightenment. Jn at least Yngwie retains the ability to make your jaw hit the floor once in a while, often when you least expect it. But if you listen to symfonia in paradisum whole bunch of Stratovarius songs and then listen to this album, you’ll see what I mean; Tolkki writes like he’s still in Stratovarius and the result: Well, first things first, the cover is one of the “happiest” ahem things I’ve ever seen in my life.