You are the owner of a Dog Kennel as well. What is your message for dog owners? I am dealing with dogs my entire life. What are you doing at the moment? I think I will never change. I changed many jobs.

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Make your life beautify.

Meho Puzić

Menjao sam i poslove. But again — restlessness. I know about an excellent example in Greece. On bi, verovatno, premro od straha.

That is because they cooperate with men for thousands of years in a certain symbiosis when keeping and driving the herd. No one can tell you who you are. To trust your good intentions. Ljudi tamo hrane lutalice u svojim kvartovima.

That ma because that is the most popular breed in the world, simply the number of bites is proportional to the number of dogs. Life is too short. Of course there are some guidelines with certain dogs when trainings and practises are concerned.

I did not know what to do with myself. Meaning, to learn to live with people. I started as dogs fancier, than continued with dog shows, until it all gi with training and psychology.


Meni je, ustvari ,bila interesantna ta psihologija pasa i komunikacija sa njima.

Do you have a team that helps? It would probably die of fright.

A lot of work needs to be done around it, it takes a lot of time. Samo si ga se zasitio. In my personal opinion, a part of working with dogs should be improved, stabilized and elevated to a bit higher level. You have to find what makes you saj and happy and if moving around does that for you, then by all means!

Kakva su tvoja iskustva sa njima?

Bosanski forum

I hope that you found yourself in the lines or that I at least made you think about your life. I really agree with Do not listen to others when they tell you how to live. When you do you can start living. Do not move out of the third because the first and second equally important. Ne zna kako da reaguje, nema prethodna iskustva. They look alike on the kaf, but on the inside they are completely different. What interesting he had to say about dogs, you can read in the next lines.


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Even the family made fun about that: So if you have a ssta as sharp as a shaving razor, imagine what can happen. What have you replied to him? Some of us are just filled with more wanderlust than others. I am dealing with dogs my entire life. Imagine one straight road where at the bottom of the picture is the beginning and at the top a goal.

Potrebna je jaka reklamna kampanja o udomljavanju tih lutalica.