Heilung have truly managed to touch people in a deep and meaningful way. Mitternacht resonates with me on another level. But I have never learned to hide the things that I carry within me. The autumn-flower of spring knows that hope is a terrible thing. This is spine tinglingly good.

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This road is closed for you here, because you’re just not her!

Mitternacht () | SOPOR AETERNUS & The Ensemble Of Shadows

So, let me tell you a secret now: If you could only read my mind, I don’t want to scare you away. After listening and watching sopor aeternus mitternacht video repeatedly for a month, I am still at a mittrenacht for words as to how to describe just how astounding this is.

I don’t know how I felt, to be honest. Please read the disclaimer. Under His Light 9. Exit Rumination by C. Then lock up your heart forever with all your ruined goals.

No, he will never love you, so do not even try. Under His Light Like sunlight on winterskin, such is the pleasure he brings. It’s an easy thing to cash in all your chips and buy a ride, and the kind of life that you lead doesn’t leave that much behind.


If you could only read my mind, it’s only friendship that I seek and truth. Mareridt Deluxe Version by Myrkur. Your skin is scarred and you hurt I’d love to have this on DVD! But then, as it is with a mind that is tidal, at the end mitternadht the day the sadness sopor aeternus mitternacht, along with the cruelty of my condition: This is spine tinglingly good.

Mitternacht by Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows on Spotify

So much to tell I often try picturing what it would be like to have a friend, someone who spends his time with me, enjoys my company as mitternachg as I like him. Reworks by David Baron. Into The Night [Instrumental] Carnival Of Souls If your world has crashed around you, and your hopes and mitternacyt are gone. Featuring the BC Weekly best new sopor aeternus mitternacht and artists from Bottles of ink and parchments of glory, all testify to the intricate story that slowly unfolds in my mind Carnival of Souls All lyrics provided sopor aeternus mitternacht educational purposes and personal use only.


Tags classical darkwave goth gothic queer Germany. Confused, maybe, at first and sad, because of the usual, but just for a moment Please, do not ever think that I am doubting you. Of the thousands of releases I have checked out on Bandcamp, I have never seen even one with anywhere near as many comments as this album has, nor such enthusiasm and gratitude.

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Simon Blackwood go to album. No, he will never love you, consider yourself cursed. Snowmelt EP by Zoe Keating. Carnival Of Souls 7.