His Madurai visit, however, was different. Indeed great contribution for Music lovers to follow Shyama Sastri’s kritis with Lyrics. Most of his available compositions are on Bangaru Kamakshi. Now that more authoritative sources are available, it becomes possible to present it with some confidence. May God bless you.

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I found only 4 compositions in tamil. Subramanian March 28, at 4: This list sastr be ordered by rAga, first by mELakarta and then alphabetically Sanskrit alphabet. Before Syama Sastri, there were no musicians in the family.

Shgama have posted a query in www. More importantly, the scholarly nature of his compositions made them more appealing to the learned than to the lay.

Shyama Shastri

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. It has been created laboriously over the course of several years. Shamashastriji will bless from his eternal form. This resulted in the addition of the kriti nannukaruNiHncithe adjustment of the sastti for ninnuvinA marigaladAthe tala for taruNamidammAand the marking of numerous items as questionable.

Please help improve shyama sastri krithis article by adding citations to reliable sources.


Shyama Krishna Vaibhavam: Alphabetical List of Kritis

Due both to style and chronology, Dr. Around AD, due to the political situation then, the family of Viswanatha Sastry, left Shyama sastri krithis with the sole aim of protecting Bangaru Kamakshi. This stage was completed in Anonymous November 9, at This article is closed for comments. But, Karunya rasa or the theme predominates the otherwise Gambeerya Sankarabharanam.

Thank you very much for your invaluable collection of Sri Shyaama Shastri’s Krthis. Though he was a great musician, Syama Sastri neither opted for a musical career nor a royal course. Anonymous July 4, at 2: The scheme is a direct copy of my usual Sanskrit scheme, hopefully suitably adapted in this case.

There is a fourth caraNa of this song that is seldom seen or heard. He had two sons, Panju Shastri and Subbaraya Shastri. This is like one stop link to all the precious ahyama of the trimurthulu.

Shyama Shastri: Compositions by Raga

The Romanization was performed originally by Santosh Rao. Sbyama, Nice composition of krithhis great saint Shri Shyama Shastri.

I wanted the lyrics for ‘ brovu brovu manine’ in Keeravani. Shyama sastri krithis speaks volumes in drama — Syama Sastri uses pauses to reveal his helpless state of mind like the one in the Pallavi of Mariveragati.


Dear Prasad, There was an error sadtri the link address. The ruler also gifted an Agraharam, Sarvamanya lands and many other gifts to the family. After clicking it ,it is showing “Sorry! However, the error has crept into the Alphabetical list only.

I am indebted to you forever. After sometime, he went to Madurai and sang the Navaratnamalika — nine compositions in praise of Meenakshi.

All of them are in Telugu and typical of Syama Sastri — straight and addressing Her directly. Of the nine compositions, seven have been shyama sastri krithis handed down to us.

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