Set to be released next week, the add-on introduces “a whole new career path with new game modes, cars and tracks inspired by the expansive network of automotive photographers, journalists and drivers at Speedhunters. If you have suggestions for future features, tracks or cars models, now is the time to speak up. Until then, check out a batch of screenshots and video of the add-on below. The Run Challenge Series Trailer – 10 comments. Choosing where to open up the throttle is part of the fun…. I’m sure you’ll agree, there’s sometime just so pure about old school race machines, especially those which aren’t too far removed from their street driven brethren.

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My favourite circuit of the Legends pack has to be the Rouen-Les-Essarts circuit. On one hand, you get to design and detail out your speedhhunters automotive dreams. Shift 2 Unleashed Shift 2: I’ve spent many, many hours over the past 10 months driving this legendary track.

The whole point of Standing Mile is to really focus on tuning and car building. Some limited customization on most of the Legends cars are allowed too. As mentioned in our announcement of the DLC last Friday, there are an additional six achievements worth a total of 80G. Two new events will shift 2 unleashed speedhunters pack added to the game, in the form of Drag racing and Standing Mile, each with nine events, “where players will only be able to use the manual gear change so that they can really feel what it’s like to be in the driver’s seat.



Rouen has absolutely zero run-off, so any off-track excursions will absolutely result in a total wreck. Perhaps it’s suitable for Modern F1 racing, but I can’t help but think that something special has been lost. If you have suggestions for future features, tracks or cars models, now pafk the time to speak up. More information about the release can be found HERE. Drag and Standing Mile, so if you like tuning a beast to generate horsepower and go mph, suift pack is a must!

Drag racing is your standard quarter speedhuntets race while the Standing Mile event consists of two cars racing each other down a 1-mile stretch of road, with the winner being the one who reaches the fastest speed. Shift 2 unleashed speedhunters pack you didn’t seriously think that we has forgotten about S30 chassis this year did you?

She has been contributing articles sinceespecially those unnleashed involve intimidatingly long lists. We hope you like the omitted rear wing. Yes there are moments of difficultly, paxk overall I feel very privileged to help create these racing games.

Not only do you get to race some iconic machines, but you also have the proper vintage courses to run on too. Sleeping Dogs January Being involved in shift 2 unleashed speedhunters pack creation of a Need for Speed racing game could be considered to be a bit of a double edged sword.


The Run Challenge Series Trailer – 10 comments. It’s more than enough motivation to keep pushing forward, year in and year out.

View comments DLC Xbox Drifting for example, speedhinters included in Need for Speed Underground as early aswell before this new scene had developed the international following it enjoys today. Please try and be as concise and detailed as possible. The Run Story Trailer – 26 comments.

Shift2 Unleashed>> Announcing The Legends Pack

We know a lot of you guys wanted to see some action for S2U. Like the vintage Hockenheim and Silverstone layouts, Old Monza was high speed course famous for slip streaming and wheel to wheel action… oh how things used to be …. It’s a pretty frightening course to drive, especially if you’re crazy enough try peddling some modern GT1s.

However, video game production is also an extremely stressful, tough environment. New Need For Speed: We’ve made sure to put the widest rims possible on the car, shift 2 unleashed speedhunters pack with stretched tires and slammed stance. I’m quite interested to know both what you liked about it, and what future features you want to see in the SHIFT franchise. S Screens Released 17 comments.