Bring back the main forum list. RomeCraft Resource Pack 1. With a resolution of 32x, this pack is detailed but still light enough for most Minecraft players to use without problems. Aficraft Resource Pack for Minecraft 1. I smell a offical skin!

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There is Praetorian precious stone protection, for instance, and also ruler gold defensive layer, Celtic infantry, covering and numerous different styles, all of which look like something taken straight out of a Roman history course reading. Turn that frown, upside down! Many block tweaks to new and old textures!

I like this a lot! Will you do the items too?

Review Overview Originality – Pocket Edition First Released Aug 16, released. The first pic looks epic at the 16×16 res you’re using.

Download a texture pack etxture a ZIP file format, do not unzip. Culture is so important and now we have the opportunity to learn some more through minecraft. Legions of blocky Romans marching through the forum the building, not the romecraft texture pack on their way to defeat the evil gaul blocks.


Added pictures of armor! Iron armor is the banded variety worn by Roman soldiers, complete with the battle skirts and other frills.

RomeCraft Resource Pack 1.12.2/1.11.2

Does whatever a Creeper pig does. Do not close Minecraft. Minecraft Mods Minecraft textuee. I think Creepers just need a hug. Download the best and beautiful Minecraft Resource Packs. Xenocontendi Resource Pack for Minecraft 1. Other armor types also have unique and interesting appearances with RomeCraft installed.

Select it may take a few seconds for high-resolution packsand click Done. Perhaps your very own personal version of Rome even.

Please enter etxture comment! Armors and weapons have also been re-textured to their Roman counterparts, and you should recognize some stuff if you have ever seen a movie or documentary featuring ancient Rome. Easy to find what you want!

Romecraft GERMANIA Resource and Texture Pack for Minecraft /

There are likewise novel sets of protective layer for various diverse sorts of characters. You have entered an incorrect email address! No he can’t, There not implemented yet By the way, I’m running Ubuntu so you’ll know it runs fine on Teexture.


Share Did romecraft texture pack like this romecrzft Very well done indeed and the character skins are perfect. I’m gonna go test it out! Watch StugAce at Work: Last edited by StugAce: An Ancient Roman Texture Pack. I cannot improve without second opinions!