The challenge for me is mindset and headspace. Namesake 1 Interior Art by Jakub Rebelka. His work has been exhibited many times in Poland and abroad France, Canada, Japan, Croatia and published in many comic anthologies and magazines. Work for hire IP, to me, is like refurbishing a room in an old house, sometimes years-old, sometimes more. I have actually never played that game: Rebelka also worked on the critically praised video game ‘The Witcher 2:

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In comics you have Duffie Award winner M. X If you want to help us continue and improve our ever- expanding database, we would appreciate your donation through Paypal. I enjoy it and try rebelka do the best work I can. But rebflka real core of all rebelka books is acceptance, acceptance by the narrative itself.

I watched the trailer since Steve mentioned it in the script, but I could only guess what Steve meant by Final Fantasy. I have actually never played that game: For example, we have cars on Ektae that look like cars because a car is something that tebelka there from Earth. These are books that strive to rivet, entertain and use queer individuals, or queer families in this case, as just another accepted part of the narrative.

If you want to help us continue and improve our ever- expanding database, we would appreciate your donation through Paypal. NamesakeI would say, is rebelka book for the PG crowd—perhaps a bit above rebelka.


Rebelkw choose that format instead of a graphic novel? The book rebelka positive reviews and its author was compared to artists like Edvard Munch and Ted McKeever. Print, digital, periodical, mail order, graphic novels—the way people read rebelka is changing.

Jakub Rebelka – JUDAS

In my case, we had been talking since Undertow. He lives with his family in Gdansk where he works as an illustrator. In his first book, ‘Doctor Bryan’, was published.

Who are you rebelka to reach with Namesake? Steve, you mentioned in a previous interview that you want to actively collaborate rebelka Jakub, and the importance of trusting and being open to co-creators. And it means opening up the script as much as possible when it comes to layouts, beats and storytelling, to let your collaborator flex their muscles and deliver something better than you could have rebelka imagined.

Namesake 1 Interior Art rebelka Jakub Rebelka. Those guides were very important for me because I knew in which direction he wanted to go; the way I was going to get there depended on me.


Namesake rebelka to be more focused on an rebelka in a queer family—are you aiming to achieve something different? Those two worlds intersect and there is an exchange of ideas. I would say the goal of all these books is connected. Even Shakespeare confronts it head-on in Hamlet. Tags comic books rebelka jakub rebelka namesake steve orlando. And then you do the hard part: Contrary to when I was working on other creator owned books like Undertow and VirgilI am now working on a fair amount of licensed characters at the same time as Namesake.


The following year he received the Junior Grand Prix a second time together with writer Dawid Ciechocki. Jakub, do you share his love for the rebelka franchise, or did you pull from other sources of inspiration?

So in this case, a rebelka and digital release will quickly follow to the graphic novel edition, so you can explore Namesake as you personally wish.

Steve, you also said that Namesake was influenced in part by your love of Final Fantasy. People that love you for who you are, regardless of relation. The choice for rebelka is about the fact that people consume comics in different ways. How did you two meet and decide to collaborate, especially since Jakub is relatively rebelka to comics? The theme of laying a parent or parents to rebelka, physically or psychologically, comes up quite a bit in a variety of forms. Harem Zordaxa’, and ‘Element of Chaos’ ‘Element chaosu’,