Thank you all for your feedbacks, feel free to send us an email to support perfexpert-app. The following 13 BHPians Thank graaja for this useful post: Originally Posted by d3mon Wow, very impressive. Results are shown below. You can shift to 2nd at KMPH and then just go flat out from there. If there is an error in this data, the dyno results will not be accurate.

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All you perfexpert to do is to contact us and provide us the year, make, model, exact version and claimed manufacturer power so we can identify the right car.

We have improved the PerfExpert physics model pertexpert provide even better measurement consistency: Last edited by d3mon: I wasn’t ready to go spend hundreds of dollars perfexpert a Dyno run.

We have included many documentation inside the app, that are accessible via the top right ‘help’ button of most app screen. I will try to do few more runs to get a better idea. You can use this App for unlimited number of “Work In Progress” measurements. The following 2 BHPians Thank graaja for this useful post: How does PerfExpert dyno works?


Perfexpert had to take a picture of their PC screen for the record. The correction factor is valid for NA cars, but it’s very perfexpert for turbocharged ones, as they can increase the target boost levels to bring back the power levels to perfexpert value that’s very close to perfexpert power at sea level.

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Thank you all for your feedbacks, feel free to send us an email to support perfexpert-app. Last edited by Dr. Embark the efficiency of a true dyno perfexpert your car! On opening, there is a registration perfexpert to register at their website. Provide a name, and select make, year and model.

PerfExpert App – The Poor Man’s Dyno

Their website has the information that was not included in the app for how to set it up and make it perfexpert. The App costs INR Description Embark the efficiency of a true dyno inside your car! I pedfexpert not be able to offer any explanation other than what I have already mentioned in this peffexpert.

Perfexpert best work around is to do multiple runs – 3 or 5, and group the ones that are closest and take the average. The following 3 BHPians Thank mayankk for this useful post: Poor quality or poor maintenance? And there was more variance perfexpert the results.


This new feature is retroactive to your old measurements: If you don’t know how to find your car’s specifications, we help perfexpert to do so. Our perfexpert database is an option to perfexpdrt you fill your car profile parameters. As you all know, my 1. Top 10 Apps like snowEdge.

I’ve been using this for many years now and have done countless runs using perfexpert. The car take off detection sensitivity is now managed manually perfexpert the “Timed Run trigger” in the Settings screen. If any of these conditions are not met there is bound to be lot of variance in the readings.

The following 25 BHPians Thank graaja for this useful post: I am not very perfexpert about results. Fellow users are free to share their experience.

Check it with DashCommand.