The operating system can be cleaned by removing the temporary files and the content of the Recycle Bin or the Recently Opened files list. Containing essential security options for all incoming threats, nProtect Anti-Virus and Spyware and GameGuard Personal offers various security options which include file encryption and decryption, secure deletion, logs and alarms, system cleanup, and a daily update to defend against the dangers. The application allows you to add the programs that need to be blocked to a list and to configure their access rules. Leave this field empty. The antivirus can perform a quick scan of the memory and the system files, a full scan of all the logical drives or a custom scan where you can select the folders or folders. You can restrict the access to the Internet of certain programs from the Personal Firewall tab. Windows Mac Linux Mobile.

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The configuration settings allow you to optimize our disk drives to select the specific type of scan you may wish to run. Proactive Detection protects the system by scanning for new unknown malware. Live Update – A large range of monthly pattern-updates and holds the biggest Korean malware database.

The Security Center provides a quick overview of the computer and alerts you when one of the modules encounters a problem that affects your security. The Mini mode displays only the status of the modules and allows you to perform quick scans and various system optimizations. Completely removes hidden threats by scanning and removing malware that use Rootkit. Encrypt or permanently delete files with sensitive information to prevent information leakage. The operating system can be cleaned by removing nprotect gameguard personal 3.0 temporary files and the content of the Recycle Bin or the Recently Opened files list.


The application allows you to add the programs that need to be blocked to a list and to configure their access rules. As far as speed is concerned, during our tests the scan engine went through a drive with 13 GB and about Microsoft Security Essentials Will remove spyware and detect viruses. It alerts you to any program that compromises the security of your device. You can also view the startup programs and disable the entries that are not necessary. When self-infected, it scans itself and fixes itself.

Prepares for emergency situations from new viruses and code zeroes through hour global nprotect gameguard personal 3.0 Superior Features Protects the product from unwanted option changes or deletions through an administrator password feature. Other functions of the application include disk cleanup, file recovery, virus blockage, encryption among other operations.

The custom scan personwl which you only chose which areas you wish to scan and finally, the quick scan — which is basically the general scanning for malware. Constantly monitors malware execution by periodic memory scans. We use cookies to ensure a complete experience on our website.

Nprotect gameguard personal 3.0

This tab also includes the options for the System Clean Up. Live Update 70 thousand monthly pattern-updates and holds the largest Korean malware database. When major files of the program, such as the anti-virus engine or pattern, are damaged, the program recovers itself from the damage and keeps the system safe.


The spyware, on the other nprotecy, is a monitoring tool.

nProtect GameGuard Personal | Slimware Utilities

The first mode contains configuration settings, spyware settings, and security settings while the second mode allows you to watch the basic functions of an antivirus in a pop-up window. Useful antivirus protection when you play nprotect gameguard personal 3.0. The deep scan which is a comprehensive scan of the entire system. The interface displays icons on two modes- the advanced mode and the mini mode. This is where you can also disable the shared resources in order to prevent hacker attacks.

Self Restoration and Protection – Defends itself from intentional modifications and malware infections and damage. View your system information and optimization settings of the network and receive a list of areas where 3.0 could optimize memory by deleting unnecessary files. Windows Mac Linux Mobile. Feb 27th, Trial.

nProtect GameGuard Personal 3.0

RegRun Reanimator Remove the viruses. The Advanced mode enables them to choose the changes in order to maintain the stability of the system.

Protects game users from malicious threats in real-time.