There are, however, downsides to this record. In one way it’s similar to his other work second Neaera album, Mercenary, Anubis Gate , but even more bombastic and heavily layered if you can imagine. With Armamentarium, Neaera have shed most of their metalcore past and taken on a much more melodic death metal approach akin to fellow German acts Heaven Shall Burn and Fear My Thoughts. Armamentarium is by no means a genre defining record. Other than this detail that all sound engineers seem to leave out, the production on Armamentarium is very crisp and well suited to their sound. It’s full of absolutely wonderful portions buried underneath horrific overproduction and filler sections that add nothing to the music at all, making each track an exercise in picking and choosing what you want to pay attention to.

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Neaera “Armamentarium”

There are a lot of unexpected layers to their sound that are easy neaera armamentarium gloss over with just a neaera armamentarium listen. Further impressing is the band’s newfound knack for song construction. The sweeping melodies work much better than the pointless groove riffing, and the high pitched vocals not unlike the late Abigail Williams are actually very good along with the deeper growls.

By the Gods this leaves Neaera’s prior two albums coughing in the dust. That’s what Neaera needs. This record took about three spins to really click with me. As a result, I prefer playing a handful neaera armamentarium songs from the album at a time over playing the album all the way through. NoktornAugust 2nd, The last minor quibble I have is with the death metal vocals whenever they show up, which I’ve elaborated on in other Neaera reviews.


Yet, I always kept coming back to them.

The rest of the band performs admirably and ably with a special nod towards drummer Neeaera Heldt. For those that don’t remember, Neaera started off as neaera armamentarium pretty boring metalcore band that turned into full-blown melodic death metal with ‘Armamentarium’. Before I start, I have to ask Another downside is the complete lack of a discernable bottom end.

neaera armamentarium Write your own review. The title track works on a thousand different levels: It works wonderfully as an intro that meticulously sets the tone and armamentraium of the album before proceeding to show off its songwriting chops.

Neaera – Armamentarium – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

It seems that this band would do better without a big label, without a big budget, without a big anything for a while: The guitar work is rapid and precise, with most riffs calling upon heavy amounts of tremolo picking and chromatic scales.

More riffs, less production, less variety, more intensity. Their first two albums neaera armamentarium very typical metalcore with slight melodic death leanings and to be frank, are extremely derivative.

So now Neaera is trying their hand at a very large, bombastic style of melodic death metal that is incredibly good at times. The final rating reflects ‘Armamentarium”s position of being one of my favorite metal armzmentarium of all time, rather than an average of its strengths and flaws.

Just admamentarium previous years, Germany is annihilating neaera armamentarium to hell in The melodic breaks are so dramatic and fit the sound of neaera armamentarium desperate struggle, while the crushing thrash riffs depict violence, so expect some serious damage with this record. It’s not so much stupidly loud mastering, it’s more a case of a ton neaera armamentarium stuff going on constantly for too long.


There is something about the melody that this band is able to infuse into their songs that gets under your skin. However, it is bound to win over new enaera while also keeping the current legions satisfied.

Few albums evoke to me an ambiance this heavy and oppressing. The vocals are perhaps the most unique aspect of this band.

NEAERA | Armamentarium – Nuclear Blast

And while ‘Armamentarium’ is good, it’s hard to stand up to armamentariuk flaws without wondering, “Why am I listening to this? Witness the breakdown at 2: However, ‘Armamentarium’ sticks closer to death metal and, more importantly, delves deeper neaera armamentarium utter coldness, depravity and horror.

Contributing in a big way to the album’s massive, bulldozing feel is the rather insane production by Jacob Hansen.

It’s immersive nearea a whole other level; buzzsawing tremolo riffs, double bass hits and throat ripping screams are simply felt in a way that is bound to leave a lasting impression.

This sucks because Armamentarimu makes some incredible epic melodic death metal, but damn if you don’t have to hunt and peck for it for the neaera armamentarium near hour of this LP.