They are diffficult, especially if you play on Senior Level. As usual the graphics are extremely well crafted; every room, stairs, corridors, hallway are richly decorated thus making the manor a posh and cozy place to be in Secure Form Sign in or create an account. Walk into Blackmoor Manor and enjoy your visit! Is she hiding from something or someone, or is a more menacing threat stalking her?

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These games grab you and you just take off! Snoop and sleuth for clues.

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Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor – Wikipedia

This game was so hard got and it has the best ending ever saw in a large file game this game is has so many suprises and you can die easily if you are not careful. Secret of the Old Clock. New Lives, New Lovesetc. You will need your thinking cap on, but the clues are all there, just keep speaking to people and trying things out and if in doubt, ask the bird! It just makes for manpr enjoyable game.


Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor

Although you are still investigating, this one feels more like exploring, and the deeper you get, the more you’re drawn in. Here again, as it is always the case with Nancy, many puzzles await you. The Blackmooe of Castle Malloy Hints.

Upon arrival she sees red eyes glowing in the night and gaje her name being whispered by eerie voices. All is not well in Blackmoor Manor, a 14th century English mansion haunted by a tragic past. Solve puzzles based on heraldry, astronomy, and alchemy. The challenge culminates with the last puzzle which will delight all veterans but might be quite tough for beginners The voice-acting is superb, with professional changes in tone within one same conversation, and the sound effects perfectly in harmony with the overall creepy atmosphere.

In other blackmoor, please don’t use any part of this file in your own walkthrough, cheats, codes, or tips without permission. The story keeps you interested all the way through and like anyone else I love love love secret passages and doorways.

Secure Form Forgot your password? Reviews at a Glance. As Nancy Drew, find out what hides nancy drew curse of blackmoor manor game Blackmoor Manor. Set in in old English Mansion, this Nancy Drew is packed with puzzles, with clues to be searched out and lore to be discovered.


Walk into Blackmoor Manor and enjoy your visit! Rated 5 out of 5 by LilaJane from Better with time I purchased this game some time ago, and never finished it because I thought it was too confusing.

Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor on

Long game with a lot to do! Sign in Create account Sign in. I remember getting so frustrated about the ghost hunt.

Creepy setting, tons of secrets, good progressive plot, odd characters. I found myself totally immersed hancy this even though it was the second time around, although I had left it a fair while since first playing it. Share on Facebook Share Tweet Gift this game. Reporter Nancy Drew The puzzles are challenging blac,moor the story is really good. Curse of the Blackmoor Manor pc: The thing i liked about this game is that the back story about the Manor and the family history is so well done.

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