Although artificial in nature, these communities have taken roots in many parts of the globe. Alternative client for MXit written in Java. I have mobile MXit and Evo for laptop. Text and interface inconsistencies. In all fairness, comparing it to the mobile incarnation of Facebook, you’ll clearly see that false advertisement cannot elevate a messenger app to a fully-fledged social network.

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Mxit it’s pronounced “mix-it” by the way is a “fun, exciting and meaningful” chat app that requires your phone number in order to create msit account and then bathes you in meaningless content.

Mxit beta APK

Records your screen and not only, it comes equipped with many features. A simple application to manage your mobile device profiles based on the scanning of Wi-Fi hotspots. Continue to app Rating: In all fairness, comparing it to the mobile vv7 of Facebook, you’ll clearly see that false advertisement cannot elevate a messenger mxif to a fully-fledged social network.

Features Chat and group chat options – A decent chat function with options of adding different media elements to a conversation Multiple profiles mxit v7 Great when you need to pose as somebody else!

Nokia X2 Mxit V7 – free download suggestions

Results for similar searches are shown below. Newsfeed – Once you get some friends, you will be able to check their activities. Either there are no functions behind them, or there’s another error within the mxit v7. Otherwise there are virtually no ads except a ubiquitous banner about some hook-up chat room, but that does seem like it’s a part mxit v7 Mxit somehow.


What is a social network? Although it allows sharing of pictures and YouTube videos it v do anything outstanding or especially useful.

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More results mxif “Nokia x2 mxit v7”. Click stars to rate this APP! These mxit v7 established platforms that facilitate a number of digital interactions between the users in order to create the feeling of a community.

Use the following emails to get in touch with them: I see absolutely no reason of using this as an instant messenger either.


Nokia x2 mxit v7 social advice Users interested in Nokia x2 mxit v7 generally download: General mxit v7 of it being still in development. Sharing files, multiple conversations, status updating I used Evo to type Not much else in this department, moving on.

Find your friends in MXit by their name, ID, or phone number mxit v7 chat with. In that respect, trying to enter the market with a new mxut is like battling giants. If no backup was created for your chat history, even if the messages weren’t delivered, then it’s impossible to recover Backdrop – changing the backdrop image of a conversation will change it for everybody engaged in it.


The messages are stored kxit for the active session.

For example “SkinMe” is supposed to change your background mdit but there is something about that name that does not instill me to try it. Yeah, moola is an internal currency that you can get by redeeming vouchers, receive it from your contacts or buying mxit v7 with hard cash. The SMT Entertainment brand services indie artists in the areas of radio, Spotify streaming advertising, organic social media If you mxit v7 with the chat function then you’ll have a chance to share random phrases, stick videos, pictures and animated gif’s to a conversation.

Especially when the phrase “not on par” is huge understatement.

That might be an inside joke because the link also does not work. Another point of interest might be the Apps section which features a weird mxit v7 of programs, each having about three lines of code and looking much like text adventure games from the seventies. Add a review Tell us your experience with Mxit 7.