Moblock peerguardian linux alternative pinoyskull: Sep 04 Added Ubuntu Oneiric But you can allow traffic for specific ports. Join Date Jan Beans If the application only needs to connect to one or a few servers, with fixed IPs, then you should whitelist IPs. Moblock peerguardian linux alternative very nice guide, this will replace my old peerguardian installation.

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Thanks, and I’d like to collaborate more with them! You found out that your IP is Probably to check your torrent client’s traffic. Fix for pglgui port whitelisting issues in OpenSuse. Update Blocklists sudo blockcontrol update Moblock is then reloaded. Moblock does not work. This makes sure that the moblock application is notified immediately that its traffic was blocked in contrast to DROPped packets, moblock no notification is joblock, so that the application waits quite moblock and then gives up.

Uninstall Moblck OK thanks ill reinstall, now that i know some commands. Mpblock MoBlock Be sure that you are not using synaptic or update manager when you work with packages in terminal. And why do you ask an install question in an uninstall thread? December 26th, 4.


But if you want moblock connect to many other computers, where you don’t know the IP, or where the IPs may be even changing frequently, then you should do port whitelisting. Oct 31 Please welcome “PeerGuardian Linux 2. I moblock don’t know if it works alongside firestarter.

Install the packages

So you must not open that port. December 27th, 6. The moblock 80 http and https are whitelisted by default. Instead we are back to some Bluetack lists, although probably with a less paranoid selection. Moblock peerguardian linux alternative. You may also try iplist by uljanow. Keep in mind that malicious hosts may abuse these ports for their own purposes.

This is advanced stuff, and you won’t find moblock complete answer here, sorry! May 19th, 8. June 16th, If so, you should install moblock-ipq instead Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Uninstall MoBlock Friggin A.

This is an open project. December 25th, moblock. But support for Ubuntu Intrepid has been dropped, as this release has reached it’s official end of life. It’s about the same software pgl, the Linux version moblock PeerGuardian, both predecessor and successor of moblock and it has the same staff which needs help by you, btw! Jan 23 pgl 2.


[ubuntu] Uninstall MoBlock

Everybody is strongly encouraged to do his own research moblock the quality of the several blocklist providers. After nearly an year of mooblock we are proud and glad to offer a new release of pgl. If the application only needs to connect to one or a few servers, with fixed IPs, then you should whitelist IPs. moblock