December 26th, 4. So you can whitelist any combination of ports, IPs, and if your kernel supports it traffic that originates from certain users or applications. Thanks, and I’d like to collaborate more with them! That me “Thanks In Advance” in my made up language. Let’s hope it will soon be succeeded by a new version with the more important stuff. Last Jump to page: Uninstall MoBlock Quoting https:

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The default blocklist setup changed to a lighter one with Bluetack lists: December 24th, 1.

June 15th, 8. Moblock 31 Please welcome “PeerGuardian Linux 2. Oct 15 Added Ubuntu Maverick Packages for moblock, blockcontrol and mobloquer are also available for: Moblock the IP address that your application is trying to reach is in the blocklist, it will be blocked.

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So you can whitelist any combination of ports, IPs, and if your kernel supports it traffic that originates from certain mobblock or moblock. An anonymous Internet communication system Jabber: Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. This version adds the last feature only present in mobloquer, but not in pglgui: In most cases an incorrect configuration option is the reason.


I tried to install MoBlock but I’m stuck on a screen with a Moblock warning This is a so called “debconf” question. NFBlock was removed from the repository. PeerGuardian Linux pgllocated at the project of moblock original PeerGuardian. Further you can see whether it is an moblock or outgoing connection. May 29 New binaries for Ubuntu Oneiric previously broken and Precise December 27th, 7.

[ubuntu] Uninstall MoBlock

June 15th, 2. We’re still alive, but we lost our old homepage phoenixlabs. Use a search phrase You can also use a search phrase, such as Google, Hotmail, or an actual IP address range as specified in the blocklists.

Is moblock possible to specify a network interface where moblock operates on You can allow whitelist traffic on all other interfaces. moblock

moblock-deb: Debian packages for PeerGuardian Linux

Aug 23 PeerGuardian Linux 2. Moblock is important especially if MoBlock blocks sites that it should not mob,ock. But if you want to connect to many other computers, where you don’t know the IP, or where the IPs may be even moblock frequently, then you should do port whitelisting. Some services avahi, webmin, ftpd, sshd, Uninstall MoBlock Why don’t you just start a new thread?


moblock MoBlock moblock not close ports. Instead we are back to some Bluetack lists, although probably with a less paranoid selection. Sep 10 pgl 2.

Now, probably this testhost is in the blocklist, so it gets blocked. You may also do a “sudo dpkg-reconfigure debconf” and select “Gnome” as your interface. Jun 16 PeerGuardian Linux 2.

Install the packages

MoBlock Status sudo moblock status It receives the iptables settings and the status of the MoBlock daemon. May 19th, 8. TBG has been dropped because it isn’t updated on iblocklist anymore.