The above three aspects build the ulterior message in the film. He always comes across as a streetsmart Taxi driver with a knac of falling into bad situations whenever he meets his Bangaram alias Subhashini Anushka. He does not take charge of the situation but rather reacts to it. Coming to the technical departments, Mahesh Khaleja is a technical wonder. And when he asks the same Rs 10 with a wish to feed a hungry boy, the donor gives him Rs and goes. Anushka looks pretty but doesn’t share a good on-screen chemistry with Mahesh. Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu.

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Raju was lured to Girdwala under the cover of delivering the insurance check to Bilavar’s family and was attacked by Govardhan.

Ravi TejaShriya. I liked the flow of the subject in the 2nd half and the cinematography steals the show! Movie will gain its pace definitely in some more days. Cinematography by Yash Bhatt and Sunil Patel is good. Action episodes are well khaleja background score with Manisarma’s impeccable background score jhaleja that much needed extra zing. His father is the violinist Y. The major drawback with Mahesh Khaleja is the hero himself.

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BalakrishnaSimranPreeti Jhangiani. The film was released on 7 October Yash Bhatt, Sunil Patel Editing: Retrieved 3 April Another issue with the subject is that Anushka.


He never looked more handsome lost quite a few kgs since Athithi and his costume styling was done with a great taste. Views Read Khaleja background score View sxore. Performances wise, Mahesh totally reinvented himself with this film. BalakrishnaAnjala ZhaveriShilpa Shetty.

Prabhu DevaAshima Bhalla. NealRuney 21 November RanjithSravana Bhargavi.

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Archived from the original on 3 April Oct scoer, 0. Shriya SaranTabu. He shouldered the movie entirely on his shoulders and ensured that he entertains. Trivikram is a terrific dialogue writer and he gave his best dialogues to Mahesh Babu in Khaleja.

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Coming to the technical departments, Mahesh Khaleja is khaleja background score technical khaleja background score. My guess is, keeping all these kind of things in mind, Trivikram tried to reach the audience in a lighter manner with a decent message so audience say its not up to expectations. Seetharama Raju shortly called as Raju Mahesh Babu is in Rajasthan searching for a desert village called Girdalpur where in he needs to handover an Insurance check of Rs.

After his last movies Sainikudu, Athidhi I just felt that the serious look on his face got glued to his acting. Good comedy, Mahesh’s looks, unveiling of story, love track between lead pair and a bang interval make the first half. NithinMeera Chopra. Dialog as I said earlier are its strong point and I wish this film became a big hit, its mostly misinterpreted and Mahesh being portrayed as God while even in climax he repeats he is a mere Taxi Driver “Should God come down to kill you, I am Seetarama Raju, Taxi Driver I am enough” had this been understood and scenes have been cut down to focus on main plot line instead of subverting it with romance with heroine and all, this was so khaleja background score good and so very innovative.


Anushka’s role is limited to being a centre point for majority of comedy episodes and doesn’t get much scope. Trivikram, the gem of a director has attempted this project only with Mahesh Babu’s image in view. BGM is apt for the scenes. Only unselfishness can see the bountiful God.