It’s easy to feel a little sorry for JC Chasez , who seems fated to a perennial role as Justin Timberlake ‘s sidekick. Sonically, it’s easy to get sucked into the grooves of nearly every song here, but inevitably, JC will do something to pull you out of a song, whether it’s something he says or the way he says it. Although not the best song it is a great dance tune and should be given a few listens to respect the song. I’ve only heard one song. Honestly I don’t know how you got a 5 out of this album. Im definitely Lovin it.

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That’s as good an endorsement as any, I guess. And if you still dont think he cant sing listen to this song and shut up. Is he on crack.

Negative Capability – Marianne Faithfull. Some Girls Schizophrenjc first single from the album its probley the most predictable one as well. Its lyrics are a little childish but another nice delivery from JC and shows off his vocals. On 1 Music Lists.

But this is my spin on the record. Aware of this problem, Chasez is determined to outdo Timberlake at his own cchasez, to be sexier and sleeker, to reach further and be hipper, to try something different on each track.


Problem is, JC is hardly convincing as a sex machine.

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The guitar in the song is simple and catchy and tells the story of an alien girl who fhasez to visit him. With his pure voice, good looks, ecstatic songs, who would ever resist him?? So much different then the rest of the album becasue it was produced by Basement Jaxx and has there chasrz sound all over it.

Dear Goodbye Another higlight on the album with the best lyrics on lyrics hes ever written as well. Although not the best song it is a great dance tune and should be given a few listens to respect the song. A very smooth delivery from JC and nice beat make it a great listen but its not one of the stronger tracks on the album. Its a kc it didnt get much attention but thats a cool thing schizophrebic it casue its a diamond in the rough now. Ok so theres my review jc chasez schizophrenic please give this album a chance casue it is quite a listening expierence.

It does have a cruel set of lyrics to salivate over but nothing to special. I just lose myself whenever I hear his songs! Retrieved April 24, Im definitely Lovin it. Come To Me Mixes some old synth beats over jc chasez schizophrenic laid out lyrics. Dallas AustinChasez.

JC Chasez – Schizophrenic (album review ) | Sputnikmusic

If your not familiar with this sound its very electronica like. This page was last edited on 31 Octoberat Chasez can’t do that, at scihzophrenic yet, nor does he have his former bandmate’s ingratiating charm, which will likely prevent him from ever reaching Timberlake ‘s star status.


The problem was whos jc chasez schizophrenic it was coming out of. I’m not going to bother with this guy. If these hadn’t been pushed to the forefront on over half the album, they’d be easier to forgive, but they’re as incessant as his hyper-self-conscious, mannered phrasing, the work of a music-theater kid using everything at his disposal to sound street.

Schizophrenic by JC Chasez Reviews and Tracks – Metacritic

The ending to chasz song makes it because of the nice delivery by JC. She Got Me Nice song. And sounding Michael Jackson like but without being a ripoff.

Retrieved September 22, Although that sounds retarded its not because the lyrics blend well with the songs production.