I have installed this and I have no idea what to do. You can have your fortune read.. If you haven’t done so already, please visit our page on the app store and give us your honest rating. Hi Bobby, PM’d you today in reply to your request. We perform iForce more then any other trick. I must admit the UI is a bit quirky at first and will take a bit of practice to master, but before long you will be amazing people with your incredible ability to predict everything! You make your prediction on the doodle app, then exiting out of the doodle app so that nobody can see what you wrote down.

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iForce — The Review | theory11 forums

The best feature by far about this trick is that it can be used for predicting absolutely anything! Search “iPredict magic” on YouTube. Will be looking at some other apps soon, hope they are this good.

Create beautiful glowing artwork, add cool animations, and send to your friends!

Also iforce magic app a full, more formal review from me on here and Eas soon as I get one more performance under my belt which I’ll be doing tomorrow, for one of my girlfriend’s friends. I added an extra star to my rating though becuase the developers over-hyping of this app is top notch! Good luck to you all.


Sketch whatever you like on Pencil Doodle. Virtual Lighter iHandy Ltd. We’ve been getting more and more great reviews for iForce. But when you download the program and launch it you see kagic “Doodle” icon and splash screen. Jan 8, Now, since your spectators have seen you iforce magic app “Doodle” if they want to know the secret, they can very easily do a search on an iPhone for the “Doodle” app.

Top 10 Apps like iForce for iPhone & iPad

We have a few surprises coming up in the new iForce. A simple, powerful magic trick that anyone can learn, for iPhone and iPod Touch. Top 10 Apps like Glow Iforce magic app. It’s a fortune teller, it’s a magic trainer, and an illusionist all in one! Salby Inner circle New Jersey Posts.

Creativity originality, cleverness 4. Been busy with college application these past few weeks I really like this app Cheers Andrew. Top 10 Apps like Inject-Magic. After which you place the phone face down on the table. Top 10 Apps like Mental Killer. Top 10 Apps like Virtual Lighter. I Maglc and you are One!


iForce — The Review

Hello friends, First, both Randy and I would like to thank all of you for your support of iForce over the last month. Jan 20, Messages: Definitely getting a perfect rating on the app store from me, plus a glowing review on there, as well.

Our competition iforce magic app posting one star ratings 3. Sep 2, Messages: Top 10 Apps like iForce-HD. Jan 15, From the creators of iForce and teleFoto comes the biggest revolution in phone magic.

Rostami is crazy to release this. None of those one star ratings had any comments, hence we had no idea why people didn’t like our App.

Just delete the app and download again from your previous purchases.