KO ft Kid X — Caracara. Follow Us on Twitter My Tweets. Bathi ukuncedi Ukukhala nangona iqhawe lam limkile ndicela nivul’ ixilongo, okanye lama culo ase wisele ubehamba i Assembles od God God ebeyithand’ icawa ebemthand’ UYesu and ebeyithandi iNyama ebene sitoro ebefihla kuso ilekese ilekese xa endibona ukuthi andikho right eb’sweni athi boy hambo thath’ ilekese ndiyathembi iZulu limamkele izono zakhe zixolelwe if zikhon’ ezishodayo ndicel’ uzibeke kum zonke Nkosi. He is consistently funny and can get ridiculously over-the-top when he wants to. Yesu please ndiyakucela,please Yesu. We Killed Hip Hop June 1, 1: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here:

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To get a sense of the persona that is iFani one only has to peep his music videos. Data Top 20 New Albums of on Last. He grew up on a place called Jeffreys Bay.

IFANI – Lirik-lagu – – Promote Entertainment Travel

Notify me of new comments via email. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Home Advertise About Contact Us. I hope uyinxibile iqhiya apho mmamthembu mamThembu ungabonosi uYesu i afro yakho mhlawumbe angano moya but unga worry mamThembu ngam ndi Right uToys ujongile esemva kwabantwan’ uToys ifani mamthembu kodwa kunzima iifani uk’phila yoooh ei and i hope uk’dlalela ingom’ ezimnandi apho cause ndiyakwazi ubuwuthand’ umculo Yesu Please ndiyak’ cela, Please Yesu.


He rhymes over a beat, plain and simple, and he makes his audience laugh mamthembbu doing so which makes him an original lion among these rapper sheep.

Music Sphum — Ride Ft. Posted on June 4,in Lyrics. He switches up his rhyme pattern, changing his vocal style again and again. He moves from being a lightning-speed human rhyming Xhosa dictionary to a chill calmed flow that rides on the beat. The beats are fresh, warm and expansive and just make ifani mamthembu want to blast the whole album from your speakers. He is on the paper chasing. Yesu please ngiyakucela,please Yesu.

iingoma Ezimnandi – Lyrics

I hope uyinxibile iqhiya apho ezulwini MaMthembu,ungabonisi uyesu i-Afro yakho mhambe angaba nomona. These tracks basically typify a standard iFani track — funny ifani mamthembu a bit silly at times. Ifani-Ingomezimnandi lyrics Jun 4. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Mdlalele ingoma ezimnandi Uzu Cartrack is offering anti-theft for your car for as little as R9.


I believes in me. Yesu please ndiyakucela,please Yesu. Ifani mamthembu uthanda ingoma ezimnandi. He believes in Jesus. Connect to Spotify Dismiss. This site uses cookies.

ifani mamthembu playlist – Listen now on Deezer | Music Streaming

So ndiyaceka Yesu itani uMama xa ehleli nawe uzum’dlalele ingoma ezimnandi Ndiyakucela Bawo Uzumgcine Umama xa ehleli nawe uzumdlalele ingoma ezimnandi uzum mdlalele ingom’ ezimnandi uzum mdlalele ingom’ ezimnandi uzum mdlalele ingom’ ezimnandi uma umamThembu uthand’ ingoma ifani mamthembu uzum mdlalele ingom’ ezimnandi uzum mdlalele ingom’ ezimnandi uzum mdlalele ingom’ ezimnandi uma umamThembu uthand’ ingoma ezimnandi.

U-Toyce ujongile,usemva kwabantwana u-Toyce.

Create a website or blog at WordPress. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Ungabina-worry ngami MaMthembu ndi-right. The Grey Series vol 1 by DR Connect your Spotify account to your Last.

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