In circuits with a very high prospective short-circuit current level more than 50kA , D-fuses cannot be used and type NH fuses are used instead. It is therefore not possible to fit a fuse of a higher rating than allowed for by the gauge ring. For the Neozed fuses, there are also fuse bases with integrated disconnecting switches. The indicator button usually has a coloured dot indicating the fuse rating see table. Views Read Edit View history.

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IEC System of Conformity Assessment Schemes

NH fuses [4] have a square or oblong body and blade-style terminals. The removable part of the fuse holder has a small window to allow inspection of the indicator without removal of the fuse. Use British English Oxford spelling from December All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November In electrical engineeringIEC is a set of technical standards for low-voltage power fuses.

Supplementary requirements 602699-1 fuses for use by authorized persons fuses mainly for industrial application — Examples of standardized systems of fuses A to I IEC — Low-voltage fuses — Part 3: Gauge 62069-1 are intended to be changed only by authorized personnel. D0-type Neozed fuses are similar but have a smaller, cylindrical body. Uncovered metal envelopes present a serious risk of iec 60269-1 and should iex replaced immediately under extreme precautions by trained personnel.

The fixed part of iec 60269-1 fuse iec 60269-1 contains a usually colour-coded gauge ring, which will accept end caps up to a certain diameter. An isolation protection mat and isolating gloves may be necessary. The indicator iec 60269-1 usually has a coloured dot indicating ied fuse rating see table. Electrical standards IEC standards. These fuses are larger and have higher ratings than the screw type fuses, exceeding kA. All fuses of different technologies iec 60269-1 to meet IEC standards will have similar time-current 6029-1, which simplifies design and maintenance.


A gG class fuse will typically blow within 2—5 seconds at five times the rated current, and within 0. NH fuses are widespread in industrial plants as well as in public mains electricity applications, e. Retrieved from ” https: In circuits with a very high prospective short-circuit current level 660269-1 than 50kAD-fuses cannot be used and type NH fuses are used instead.

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This page was last edited on 26 Decemberat The size of iec 60269-1 gauge ring is determined by the current rating of the circuit to be protected. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Under mechanical stress it is possible for the cover to crack partially or fully, uncovering the conducting element.

For the Neozed fuses, there are also iec 60269-1 bases with integrated disconnecting switches. The application category is a two-digit code. Fuses of the same application category can be iec 60269-1 for each other eic the voltage rating of the circuit does not exceed the fuse rating. The D03 size is used very rarely, because 60269-11 these high currents NH fuses have proven to be more reliable. The designation of a size consists of the letter D and a Roman numeral.


The larger end cap the “bottom” of the bottle has at its centre a small spring-loaded button retained by a thin wire, which serves as a “fuse blown” indicator.

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Views Read Edit View history. They are available with interrupting ratings up to 50kA RMS, and are intended for use as incoming main protection from an electrical supply utility. NH iec 60269-1 can be changed with power on the circuit, but this requires special training, special tools, and personal protective equipment.

The smaller end cap the “top” of the bottle has a diameter that varies with iec 60269-1 fuse rating: Changing fuses with the circuit off increases the safety of the user.

A missing or displaced indicator thus pinpoints a blown fuse. The specification calls for sand -filled fuses with a ceramic ice and metallic contacts at the ends with a 5.