Each component shall have less than 0. See Section 9 for method of measuring metal tape thickness. Unless otherwise specified in the specific aging tests the aged specimens shall have a rest period of not less than 16 hours nor more than 96 hours between the completion of the aging tests and the determination of physical properties. Suspended from aerial messenger c. If the color has not completely changed to pink after 15 minutes, it is an indication that a tolerable amount of water is present in the strands. The jacket shall meet the requirements stated therein and those given in Table

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The direction of lay may be changed at intervals throughout icea s-93-639 length of the cable. The AWG icae for small sizes shall be found in Table The nonmetallic covering shall comply with 5. Insulated Cable Engineers Association, Inc.

ICEA-S93 _图文_百度文库

CPE TP 9. The tension necessary to remove icea s-93-639 extruded insulation shield from the icae at room temperature shall be not less than 3 pounds Simultaneous aging of different compounds should be avoided. If planing is employed, strips of the combined materials shall be cut from the conductor so that acceptable specimens can be prepared from these strips in such a manner that material from only one layer is present in the region between icea s-93-639 gauge marks.

The jacket shall meet the requirements stated therein and those given in Table In submarine cables, the minimum point thickness shall be 70 mils 1.


Clamped in shafts d. Likewise, the elongation shall be based on the gauge ica applied to the specimen before immersion in the oil. A tree retardant crosslinked polyethylene insulation is a compound containing the following: This test shall icea s-93-639 made on a sample of wire having an initial length of 6 inches mm between jaws of a standard torsion machine or equivalent with one head of the machine movable horizontally. The direction of lay icea s-93-639 the serving shall be opposite to that of the iceq armor.

The metric equivalents for all sizes are found in Table Metric.

5-46 kV Shielded Power Cable for Use in the Transmission and Distribution of Electric Energy

Wet or dry location. Specimens for aging tests having cable tape applied prior to curing icea s-93-639 be aged with the tape removed. The nominal cross sectional area shown in these tables is not a requirement. The cable shall not be subject to any ac test except for an in-process test not exceeding five seconds for seven days prior to performance of the partial discharge test. The intervals need not be uniform. The test voltage shall be a dc voltage as given icea s-93-639 Table F For 5 kV rated cables, the conductor shield may consist of a semiconducting tape.

When the applied flat steel tape, interlocked tape, or round wire armor will remain unjacketed and the cable is intended for installation in below-grade or potentially wet environments, the metallic sheath and?

See Section 9 for method of measuring metal tape thickness. ASTM Icea s-93-639 for series aluminum alloy annealed and intermediate tempers. Division I See 7. Representative values of tensile strength and elongation for the nonmagnetic metals are given in Appendix E.


Interlocked metal tape armor with either a bedding or a jacket under the armor and with either a supplemental covering for corrosion protection or a thermoplastic jacket over the armor is suitable for underground installations.

The lengths of samples and the numbers of icea s-93-639 to be prepared from each sample shall be as specified under the individual tests.

Armor Tape Thickness – mils Adder – mils C. It is intended that the product furnished under this standard shall consistently comply with the applicable qualification test requirements.

The value of K weight increment factor given in Table There are situations where the above thicknesses may require an increase, especially on the smaller sizes of cable, such icea s-93-639 when several cables are to be pulled together in one duct, or the sections to be pulled are extra long, or the handling during installation is severe or awkward, as in some transformer vaults.

The direction of lay of the armor wires shall be so chosen that birdcaging of the cable being armored shall be reduced to a minimum. In submarine cables, the minimum point thickness shall be 65 mils 1.

Method of conductor icea s-93-639.