Acknowledgements The work that was the basis for this article was supported by funding from the U. Key messages Implications for policy makers The performance of health worker trainees in the 7-day and day Integrated Management of Childhood Illness IMCI training courses were similar at a fourth monitoring visit, 32 weeks after training. Quality of outpatient hospital care for children under 5 years in Afghanistan. Several advantages of using the shortened course include: Some diagrams were simplified and culturally appropriate images and nutritional information were provided.

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Five outcome scores of interest were compared during the observation visit. Palyer physician in the 7-Day course did not do the pre-test so he was excluded from the post-test knowledge score plauer but he was observed during the assessment visits. Fifty percent of primary care facilities had no IMCI trained health worker. Thirty-one participants for the Day course were selected from three districts of Takhar Rustaq, Khwaja Ghar and Warsaj.

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Status of the playyer and nutrition sector in Afghanistan: The work that was the basis for this article was supported by funding from the U. Health Res Policy Syst. Patient Education and Counseling54 1 Patient Education and CounselingVol.

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Afghanistan Health Sector Balanced Scorecard Since, on average, each IMCI training course consists of 20 participants from 20 different health facilities, 2, children would have received less than adequate attention during one 7-Day course and 3, sick children potentially would not have been seen or treated during one Day course. To ensure that their knowledge was up-to-date, they completed an IMCI refresher course, and were subsequently trained in applying the observation checklist as assessors and validators, both for the Day and the 7-Day algorithm.


In this evaluation, two physicians in the 7-Day group and three physicians in the Day group had previously completed an Day IMCI course, yet when these five doctors were excluded from outcome variable calculations, minimal differences in test scores and in summary variable scores were demonstrated. Standard MoPH procedures for consent i m c i training player anonymity were followed in this evaluation. The use of antibiotics was similar in both groups and a high proportion of those classifications requiring antibiotics pneumonia, dysentery, very severe fever, any complications of measles, mastoiditis, acute otitis media i m c i training player strep throat were given antibiotics in both course groups The counselling score compared the mean proportion of IMCI counselling tasks performed by the health worker including mentioning to the caretaker three reasons to bring the child back to the health centre for follow-up.

A review of the shortened courses previously developed in Pakistan, Benin, Uganda, India, Nigeria, Kosovo, and Zambia revealed that in most of these, shortening the courses resulted in reducing time spent on practical application of the basic knowledge acquired from the course, specifically time spent doing exercises and practice sessions in clinics and hospitals.

eLearning in Maternal and Child Health: The Example of IMPACtt — Medicus Mundi Schweiz

All authors contributed to the interpretation of the findings and the writing of the manuscript. Results More physicians were trained in the Day course PI and MM conducted the analysis of the data.

Inthe Ministry of Public Health MoPH of the new government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan faced major child health challenges that resulted in high mortality in children less than five trianing of age.

Find articles by Paul Ickx. This is important since the initial IMCI effort in Afghanistan, was focused almost exclusively on training physicians. Statistical significance of proportions was tested with Analysis of Variance ANOVA across health worker types and Chi-Square test statistic for between course comparisons.


To date, more than countries have adopted IMCI as a strategy to improve child and infant health. Competing rtaining The authors declare that they have no competing interests. The relative proportion of nurses in the Day group rose from Share buttons are a little bit lower. More health workers can be trained in the same period of time, resulting in a larger trainng of health workers, and traaining likelihood that children will be attended by health workers trained in Integrated Management of Childhood Illness IMCI.

Ten community health centers in southern Mali were randomized to either training or comparison arms of the study, and health providers’ consultations with caregivers were observed. One assessor and one validator worked in pairs — the validator identified the correct classification and management, while the assessor completed the observation checklist.

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Improvements in test scores were greatest for midwives and doctors from the 7-Day course compared to the Day course but only the score difference for midwives was statistically significant Table 2.

Strong emphasis on using the IMCI Chart Booklet a job aid for the health worker throughout the trainnig course was intended to promote regular, routine use of the tool by the health workers when seeing sick children.

The study compares traditional IMCI courses with ICATT-based distance-learning, looking at the training outcomes, mid-term learning effects as well as cost-effectiveness.