Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R. Though I certainly count myself as one of those fans Horna stands alongside Impaled Nazarene and Barathrum as a favorite Finnish outfit of this sort , much of the material here on Musta Kaipuu is average at best, and I can hear why the band wisely chose not to include it on one of their previous full-lengths. Aside that, you have a rather fast paced track with some killer Black Metal riffs that doesn’t seem to just drone on endlessly in a boring, repetative manner that “Haudanvarjo” presented. Dark, disturbing, and sadistically chaotic, The Idaho band’s debut is a true black-metal tour-de-force. No refinement necessary, no experimentation or progression, and no pop finish. Write your own review.

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A lot of the riffs are mediocre, also-ran sorts and I never felt that same, spike-fisted, mounting excitement mustaa I felt for the latter of the aforementioned full-lengths. This is raw black, done much like any other Horna recording of the past 16 years.

These are really the only hit the skip button on the play as soon as possible type tracks on this release. Bandcamp Album of horna musta kaipuu Day Nov 15, go to album. I uorna verything about horna musta kaipuu, muscianship, production, atmosphere and the new found sound, that everybody besides me is hating on with a passion. Like all pure Black Art, the swarming rituals contained herein are timeless … if anything, enhanced by the passing years, emerging from the cellar, rising from the crypt, breaking free of the burial chamber that awaits us all.

The final track on here is “Menneiden Kaiku”, which continues the gloomy journey into the depths of agony.


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The thick, decrepit rasp of the vocals is more or less what you’d expect, they’ve always had one of the most pure and savage deliveries in the field whether it was Nazgul, Corvus or the newer front man Spellgoth, though no one would accuse them of the style’s innovation or evolution.

In late November ofMoribund Records reissued this release, leaving the questions of whether this release was that good, or just something the band or labels put together for some quick horna musta kaipuu. After that, the release starts to mysta downhill fast with plenty of speed bumps of tracks that are good all littered along the way.

Musta Kaipuu | Moribund Records

Another shorter track follows this. It certainly does not suit this song, or Horna at all. To put it blunty, if you’re a die hard Black Metal fan, chances are you’re going to pick this one up anyhow and run around saying it’s one of the best b-side compilation discs that were made available in this style.

Bandcamp Album of the Day Jun 29, But the funniest, and perhaps lamest thing of all, is the track “Pohjanportti”. It alternates between slower ad faster sections, not impressing too much, but remaining decent enough.

The Norwegians’ ferocious new album has it all. Horna musta kaipuu, disturbing, and sadistically chaotic, The Idaho band’s debut is a true black-metal tour-de-force.

Horna – Musta Kaipuu – T-shirt (Men)

The clean guitar adds to the miserable atmosphere as well, but the vocal approach ruins it. The tortured vocals and the slower sections serve to create a morbid feeling, while you struggle to resist the horrible realization that it is all over.


Overall, it is clear why horna musta kaipuu song was left off the release. Bandcamp Album of the Day Jun 14, They Are the Shield by Toby Driver. kipuu

Horna | Musta Kaipuu – T-shirt – Black Metal | Season of Mist

That’s simply because I honestly think this album is Shatraug’s best work until today. No refinement necessary, no experimentation or progression, and no pop finish. This song should have been scrapped. Only few people will not know this album and notice, that besides this I neither own a Sargeist nor another Horna album. The hell that you are experiencing is eternal.

At that point, the pace gets even slower and some open chords are utilized to give the track a more dismal feeling. Conceived by Shatraug, Corvus, Sargofagian and Ravenum at the Boneyard inthis decade of decadent curses showcases an undead entity at the peak horna musta kaipuu its wretched creativity. The arrangement of the songs is quite strange, as they did not bother to start with the strongest material. Instead of a supporting role, it should have been featured more prominently as it is the strongest and most effective riff of the whole song.

The guitars are set up a lot like “Piina”, though the distortion is higher and the quality of the song seems a little lower. Blown away by EIF V