But when you’re working with a very small screen, it’s important to make every word count, and to give clear directions for any gameplay tutorial or mechanism. If you have it use you’re Protection of Earth to help soften the blows. Keep me logged in on this device. Log In Sign Up. Explore a huge world of over maps, from desert to icy tundra and lush grassland. Added which monsters are poisonous.

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Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Added what abilities weapons have unidentified. High Potion, High Potion I cannot stress this enough. She has a good feeling about Ronin.

Heroes Lore: Wind of Soltia | Articles | Pocket Gamer

Use the crest to move on. Once it ends you have to go back. I have most of the normal equipment listed that I’ve found. SAVE then head onto the boss. What do you need help on? Keep me logged herooes on this device. Then congratulations you’ve beaten Ronin’s game and can move onto Reah and Aramor. Just paste the urls you’ll find below heroes lore wind of soltia we’ll download file for you!


You can summon various elemental spirits to heal, buff, or attack. Also Do not engage the White Shadows unless you are very confident or have a lot of potions and wines with you. Then head to Lesley’s and the weapon shop to see Nicholas for the subquests.

Now heroess the gryphon and go to Basto. I haven’t been able to figure out heoes pattern though.

Heroes Lore: Wind of Soltia

Go back then go to the north west exit and grab the water from the chest. If you scour the Internet for information on Heroes Lore, you’ll generally discover two things: By now you lode be high enough level you can just hack and slash through the fire and water guardians then just use the previous strategy for the earth.

Journey into a land of heroes lore wind of soltia to save an entire world from evil in this epic adventure of combat, quests, magic and monsters. Don’t have an account? Game Mechanics Section 7. On low-end phones, you geroes absolutely no sound, and the scrolling of the field on your screen is liable to induce some serious headaches. This one goes in the east most pillar.

Find a good sized area with at least 2 or 3 Nord spawns in close proximity. In addition, the hastily-done translation which is riddled with inconsistencies suggests they didn’t care too much about delivering a quality product, and I dare say it’s a shame.


We can’t see it threatening the stability of Vodafone’s network post-release, but we can easily imagine a few people losing hours of their lives playing it. It doesn’t help that the publisher has done absolutely no PR for the game: It doesn’t take that long and really helps -If stuck on a quest go to your menu and go to the quest tab. Getting a new cell phone in the next week.

Ronin’s long-time lady-friend and possible love interest? The south east exit just leads to a potion. It takes a while and doesn’t give any experience but they can be killed.

In fact, two years ago a Korean man keeled over dead after playing Starcraft in an internet cafe for 50 hours. Now head back to Solum and exit out the west.