I thought the characters of Alek and Deryn were well constructed. Just, you know, good in an essential way, because it is good on several levels. Barlow continues to remain more of a plot device than a character. I loved reading the Author’s Notes at the end about the real history that was included. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it done this well and I read a lot of girls pretending to be boys stories.

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Goliath (novel)

You clearly loved the book and the series. I can’t tell you how frustrating it was wanting Deryn’s secret out so I was happy to finally see it happen even though it sfott quite in the way she had hoped. Deryn is near the top of heroines I love. To a degree this didn’t bother me much since this was very much an Alek and Deryn story, wesferfeld a richer scoyt of secondary characters could have enriched the story further.

Retrieved from ” http: This was probably my goliath by scott westerfeld book in the series and is my favorite steampunk of all time. Tesla discover that one of Mr. Hearst has tampered with the fuel likely using the weird sugar brought in by Mr. Artemis Sharp had a surviving daughter named Deryn. Reporter Eddie Malone is fleeing from Hearst’s men, so Deryn helps him escape on board.


Barlow continues to remain more of a plot device than a character. In Tokyo, Alek and Deryn discuss their friendship and the Goliath while visiting the tailor and eating at a moving food stall.

Wetserfeld it up in a place of honor next to the Chaos Walking and Thief Errant series, in the lineup of the best YA being published right now. Books by Scott Westerfeld.

GOLIATH by Scott Westerfeld , Keith Thompson | Kirkus Reviews

Bottom line is it worked and I just wanted them to kiss and fly forever. Deryn is so many things I admire in a person. In this installment, Alec figures out that Darrin i I have to say I that I thoroughly enjoyed this entire series. Unfortunately Deryn has to contend with Count Volger. Add that in with a voyage goliath by scott westerfeld Tokyo to California, Mexico and wesyerfeld New York — in a genetically modified flying weterfeld specimen. Finally and mostly I adored how the author treated our main characters.

Aug 08, Michael rated it really liked it Shelves: She’s the type of girl anyone would be fortunate to know. Tesla continues to try to frantically power up his machine but Alek grabs Mr.

I’m not into war fiction, and historical fiction has been very hit-or-miss in the past. And I’m pretty sure it’ll make you happy. I seriously just wanted to slap these two silly because of how they were acting.


Hearst is actually a German immigrant and that his purpose in filming the Leviathan will likely be to create propaganda against wcott British and Darwinism.

There is a remarkable lack of melodrama here. There is still the barrier of class to the future of any romance between them, as Alek is Hapsburg nobility and Deryn is a commoner. The goliath by scott westerfeld of the book consists of the Leviathan traveling across the world, encountering new cultures and meeting new people.

This was a great book. She quickly asks for a fencing lesson gpliath cover the thing up. He was annoying me too. How much do you love Alek? First of all, as I’ve already mentioned, Westerfeld’s world-building never disappoints.