That a lot yr I have no words Gananayakaya ,Ekadantaya Vakratundaya Full song [download link and lyrics in discription] saurabhs 6 years ago. Pooja, Sambalpur Odisha Divine Touch 2 months ago. I m actually the devotee of ganesha so whenever i listen i just feel like heaven. Hi Varun, I was delighted to find the meaning of this song, you have done a great job Newer Post Older Post Home.

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I really needed the translation for a long time. Ganesh Stotram – praNamya shirasA devam. Wonderful work for all ganesh lovers I was searching the meaning of this wonderful song, since days.

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Guna Manditaya One Adorned by virtue. That is, that which has nothing more terrible than itself. Always put your feet forward. Thank you very much!

If there is enough gap between gaM and gaNapataye then it will be like half ‘m’, but the ‘m’ sounds trails into gaNesha, there is no sharp gap between the two. Guneshanay Lord or Master of Moral values. I see both words on different youtube video’s and websites. It is difficult to understand using English alphabet why the change is happening. May Lord Ganesh bless yaddhimahi for ever.


Ekadantaya vakratundaya by shankar mahadevan — lyrics Gana nayakaya gana-devataya gana dhyakShaya dhimahi Guna I really loved this song. Appreciate you translating this beautiful Bhajan. Please keep refering and keep yadhmiahi and in case you find anything more to be updated, please let me know.

Gana Nayakaya Gana Devataya Song Mp3 Download

Chants are a great way to learn and appreciate Sanskrit. This brings in spirituality within you. Shree Ganeshay dheemahi Lyrics Gana nayakaya gana-devataya gana dhyakShaya dhimahi Guna shariraya guna manditaya Regarding the ‘aghora’ with prefix ‘a-‘, please see the post http: GanaNayakaya ganapati song Ekadantaya vakrathundaya gauri tanayaya dheemahi sree lakshmi 1 years ago. I am guessing that one site ganadaivatzya these lyrics and all other sites copied from there.

Practical Sanskrit: meditate upon ganesh – गणनायकाय गणदेवताय गणाध्यक्षाय धीमहि ।

This yadgimahi is purely for entertainment purpose all rights go to the creator of the song You can download the song here Any idea who the lyricist is?


Ek Dantaya Vakratundaya Ravi Govil 6 years ago. Thanks again, – Anup. Thanks a lot Varun. I felt more equipped. Lord Ganesha continue to bless you. It was a lot more easy.

My Favorite Lyrics: Ganesh Dheemahi with Meaning – Vishwavinayaka (Shankar Mahadevan)

Editor, You are right. Hi Shana, Thanks for referring to this article. Lovely beautiful soul touching song. Yes I am very much spiritual but the credit of this translation goes to two things mainly.