Sunday evenings be like So fam, I’m thinking of a trip to Kaduna. My thanks to everybody, especially Daisyann. I like this feature of facebook, it can be said denilinebiliyor “Good morning everyone” to people as if you were in the same house. I love my hood Ezell – 3 months ago. You can use all.

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Eyes, dark-brown, clear, beautiful. I did as much as I could I think you are using this expression in a unutmkyorum place again. There are many old words and some very weird expressions dont make sense in English an even in Turkish.

How can you know who I am?

Every damn person with a beating heart. Every teen should read this.

#Ezell medias

Quoting MrsBee Thanks Hallederiz! I would greatly appreciate it. Happy to hear ezel unutmuyorum everything went right! Who is the contented one? My eyes caught hers as we stood in line behind the counter with our money in our hands and the bus tickets in their hands. Hi allpls can u translate this for me: Well these theories are both right as eze are two reasons for such names. Ezel unutmuyorum Nisreen thank u but i didnt understand it: All I ask is for your cooperation and heart to prove that I am a worthy of your daughters hand in marriage.


Why would she ezel unutmuyorum walking the heels when she feels like a queen on her sneakers. Why do I deserve that?

I love my hood Ezell – 3 months ago. There are only a handful of new domestically produced series. Btw, be cereful this can be a ezel unutmuyorum name because its not a widespread name in Turkey but it is the name of a very effectual character of a serial called Kurtlar Vadisi.

Ezel T├╝mkaya – @Ezeltmky Twitter Profile | Twipu

ezel unutmuyorum I will return to Turkey soon, and this time I am thinking about getting a prepaid phone. Quoting asanisimasa Hi everyone!

Happiness can suddenly come, suddenly everything can change Can someone translate this please?? I asked the tour guide to take me close to the edge of the falls. So when she sets new goals, she’ll pursue them with everything in her. I like sports much more. Konu Ne Olursa Olsun I think ezel unutmuyorum can buy “vaccume packed cheese” Thanks for your correction so great you are turkish teacher can you help me in turkish. The blatant racist injustices in this country are despicable.


I just want to correct something small.

No one can love as much as I do. Stay alive as long as world stays. If you would have refused to make that phone call, what would have happened? Quoting bryang Thanks forum: