Kai , Jan 3, As long as the owners don’t fuck up we’ll be alright. Maybe we will be seeing a lot of new players into the Maple Royals community? Seems that it was unexpected. Any news regarding Nexon vs Royals? Tommy , Penny , MsKate and 6 others like this. Gangsta , Jan 3,

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Extalia MS server was officially shutdown today

Hey at least royals will be 1 on ms server now so more ppl will be in. Extaliams name or email address: EsterniJan 3, Maybe we will be seeing a lot of new players extaliams the Maple Royals community? This site uses cookies.

Graces and MsKate like this. Jan 22, Messages: By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.


New Jersey Country Flag: Seeing extaliams Royals is using v62 and is internationally operated, Extalimas think Nexon would tend to think about the issues of international lawsuits and out of rev game content. Feb 24, Messages: Extzliams pity extaliams who joined Extalia recently, extaliams to find that it has shut down.


SoulJan 3, Do you already have an account? As long as the owners don’t fuck up we’ll be alright. Is it all over? Jun 21, Messages: There’s always a possibility, and I think the admins are aware of this.

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AaronJan 3, Caughtseanccoyweng and 2 others like this. Any news regarding Nexon vs Extaliams

BigbangJan 3, Or do you reckon they won’t extaliams bothered with old version servers? KristianJan 3, Seems that it was unexpected. Spooky BusinessJan 3, Log in or Sign up. May 30, Messages: Discussion in ‘ General Discussion ‘ extaliams by EsterniJan 3, Share This Page Tweet. Nexon tends to go for the newer servers. Dec 11, Messages: TommyPennyMsKate extaliams 6 others like extaliams. Was this expected or something out of the blue? However I doubt they will put as much effort to it compared to updated populated servers.

Can Royals be shut down for the same? ZombieEaterJan 3,