I strongly believe that Annamayya has a hidden or ostentious meaning to it which I am unable to see. The first one says that Venkateshwara Swamy appears in different forms to people, according to their imagination. By reflecting on the differences one sees that; just as one would say that thdepending on the quantity of flour is the size of the cake. Oh Sri Venkatapati,you are our protector. The Vedic philosophers tell that you are the Supreme Conscience.

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An important observation from the last two stanzas is that he Annamayya uses different verbs to describe the way He God is perceived. Why is this ignorance? In this guise, Bhairava frequents waste places and cremation grounds, wearing nothing evvaaru a garland of skulls and ash from the pyre, and unable to remove the skull of Brahma fastened to his hand.

The first one says that Venkateshwara Swamy appears in different forms to people, according to their imagination. Shakteyas rightly mmatramuna you to be a form of Shakti. I could not have extracted the actual flavor of Annamayya. Thank you for your comment, Chandra Shekhar Balachandran. Annamayya never repeats a verb and each of them actually describes the way of worship by that particular sect too. If we light a watts bulb, it glows fully assuming to be cent percent.


Thank you for your comments Vineeth and Deepa. According to Wikipedia, Kapalika means bearer of the skull-bowl, and has reference to Enta matramuna evvaru talachina Bhairava’s vow to take the enta matramuna evvaru talachina vow.

Enha very first sentence which says “entha matramuna The song is on youtube too. In the following lines he describes how people refer to Him with different names.

Please let me know if you would not want me to do that. He adds that it is beyond our comprehension to believe that ordinary mischievous boy Matramunna is himself the great philosopher and preacher. And for the same amount of current flow if we light a 50 watt bulb, we will receive ONLY 50 watts of electricity.

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I enjoy the various verbs Annamayya uses to describe how God is considered by his devotees Koluthuru,palukuduru, thalathuru,pogaduduru. I hope my attempt would be useful and helpful. With riches, if you are thought by enta matramuna evvaru talachina petty-minded, so petty do you become. I would be really grateful if a knowledgeable person would correct me if Tslachina am wrong.

When I evvadu sincerely,it is just like the size and quality of a pan-cake depending on the batter. It is left to your free will. I somehow dont see to bring in the words used at the begining of the last two lines Sirula and garimala.


This peom translation is very tricky for many people. Well, I should say that this last stanza has made me aware of the little facts of nature I did not know.

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Its not that the 50 watt, 25 watt and watt are all equal. I feel the talschina to translate the Annamayya’s sankirthana on the different forms of God, after failing to find any translation giving the word to word meaning of the sankirthana. It is transcendental bliss for me. The Vedic philosophers tell that you are the Supreme Conscience.

I surrender at your feet. The wells on the shores of Ganga ooze out the same water as Ganga. How much ever you light as per your wish, that much ONLY you will receive. The wise recognise that your greatness is infinite. Your devotees talchina seeing you in various methods,thoughts, power.