It was a long time now since an album dropped into my mailbox and felt so fresh throughout the whole piece! Haha — awesome style! Dancing or pondering you will find yourself most entertained. Where are the melodies??? Both great great reviews!! There are few stand out track s that seem to have character sounding different; few parts that “hook” me at all.

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This is all part of the Derango master plan to take over the world!

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Plunged into shadows and mist I catch my breath, frightened But I will not face death still unenlightened! Derango tumult great majority of the sane world might not call it an ideal vacation spot.

Deranged Of course we start of with something deranged… This is Derango after all! A trippy, though introvert track… Not bad at all, but not among the best here…. From the first second the forest feel is very much present here… Birds singing, trolls tripping, acid flowing — more psychedelic FX are added and the track cruises at a comfortable speed… Not too fast, not too slow… Yeah, this is subtle psychedelia… But oh, this is so fucking deep and multi-layered… About half-way thru the track speeds up and goes even deeper underground — drenched in acid!


You are all in a hurry to bash Cinos. This is psychedelia madames et monsieurs! Deranged is a month’s worth of shock-treat packed in 9 minutes. I personally find some tracks too noisy and repetitive, with lots of twisted, harsh derango tumult around strong percussion, kickdrum, and basslines, but I’ve heard stuff like this [in different styles] before. The kick does a crescendo in a thick layer of reverbs, as the voices are consumed in effects before it gets going.

Oct 29, This is derango tumult complex, multilayered and derango tumult fragmented — forest trance ! Best trip-tool so far… Smashing track!

Made Out of Vapour You are made out of vapor mostly… never… so this is obviously a very abstract concept. Oct 30, Once I got the twisted kinda dark forest world in my head, this album derango tumult started living inside of me. Bee’s and exhalations jiggle the speakers escorting the vapour samples from left to right.

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In retrospect, they popped my third eye out! It seems there is a method to their madness. Share this post Link to post Share derango tumult other sites.


Where are the melodies??? Just let yourself freak out a little bit during the first half of this track. SOO much happening in each track.

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At first glance this seems really chaotic, going nowhere mph, but after some more listening I started to find out the magic in this. It stars slow with a nice set of stick and drum action, running through Halloween-time tonal adventures.

There is– there is something! Posted October 31, Go To Topic Listing Now there’s two – it’s multiplying! Some of this album sounds too noisy for my taste. As far as i’m derango tumult they delivered the goods. Best trip-tool so far… Smashing track!

Resistance is futile… This head rush is indefeasible! Maybe that’s what a four-dimensional object looks like? Attoya Attoya Started Topics: