Power balance in Steady state AC Magnetic application Introduction In Steady state AC magnetic application, the computed physical quantities vary sinusoidally with time at a given frequency. Tutorials and technical papers for 3D applications Definition The objective of a tutorial is to show how to utilize the software by means of a simple example. The software gives the options for the evaluation of the complementary quantities such as the volume, the mass, the possible total resistance on different parts of the device. R Mass density R is calculated starting from the relationship: Miscellaneous Macros Macros enable the user to regroup the frequently used commands in an extension integrated into the software. The volume density of the stored magnetic energy can be expressed by means of the vector quantities B and H in the relationship: Two systems of different power can deliver the same energy, but the more powerful system will deliver this energy faster, in a smaller time interval.

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Introduction Foreword Lfux document describes the principal new features of Flux version This algorithm is better for the meshing of volumes associated with cylindrical or conical faces. Part of this energy is stored as magnetic energy in the volume of magnetic circuits and part is transformed cedrat flux 3d thermal energy heat.

The various possibilities are presented in the table below. This macro makes the repetitive tasks to enter the coordinates during the creation of points easier.

Application note: Flux 12 new features — innovate in 3D

Energies and powers magnetic system Introduction This section discusses the cedrat flux 3d energy and the power dissipated in a magnetic system. It can therefore happen that the mesh, which would be generated in 9. Flux fkux Load Unload Update Integration within Flux Flyx loading a new macro into the project unloading the macro from the project updating the macro All the macros loaded into the Flux project appear: These can be the site of the localization of important eddy currents.


Dissipated powers For the dissipated powers, a summary of the computed quantities is presented cedrat flux 3d the table below. Starting from the Poynting vector … Note: I Stored energy The components that allow the storage of energy are the coils and the capacitors.

Numerical memory is the memory employed for the various modeling actions. Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden. GUI memory is the memory used for everything concerning the graphical user interface graphic display, etc.

Flux FEA for electromagnetic, electric and thermal analysis

This resistance is added to the resistance of the evaluated coil. When it is red, you can double-click on it to force the process to release the memory. New technology and graphics card To improve the fux speed, Flux 10 makes use of a new technology for the graphics interface.

Siska Verhamme and Pablo Avarez, cedrat flux 3d Engineers at Bitron, describe their challenges and how Flux can help them, to accelerate the design process. Definition of a sub-system A system consists of ceddrat or more sub-systems see figure below. Flux Simulink coupling A new manner to start Flux to Simulink: This is expressed as: A macro is interesting because it can cedrat flux 3d within a new command a cedrah of repetitive operations and thus improve the quality and efficiency of the user-software interaction.


The power consumed by the system is considered positive if it corresponds to an entry of energy into the system over the considered period. Energies and powers mechanical system Introduction This section deals with the stored energy and the power dissipated in a mechanical system in motion.

Tutorials 3D The available tutorials for the 3D applications are listed in the table below. They are the following constants: Mass, volume resistance To correctly establish the characteristics of a device, it is generally interesting to be able to rapidly evaluate: A technical paper is meant to show the software features on a realistic technical example emphasizing the interesting results which can thus be obtained.

Stage 3 To load the macro: This paragraph deals with the: Installation, hardware configuration, memory management WinProp Highly accurate and very fast wave propagation and radio network planning software Learn Cedrat flux 3d.

The chapters headed … Concretely … Geometry: Automatic choices are the choices adapted to the most cases.